PHOTOS: “Brown & Blacks” Sign Removed for Cultural Sensitivity from Seuss Landing at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

The “Brown & Blacks” sign has been removed from Seuss Landing’s ICEE stand at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, possibly because of its potentially offensive nature.


The sign previously read “Brown & Blacks ICEE Snacks” referring to the characters of Mr. Brown and Mr. Black featured atop the kiosk.


Here is what the sign looked like at Christmas time.

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Six Dr. Seuss books have been removed from publication due to wrong and harmful stereotypes, and Universal Orlando Resort previously announced that they were evaluating Seuss Landing for possible changes. Mr. Brown and Mr. Black appear in Hop on Pop, which is not one of the six removed books. They are not racial stereotypes but are simply named for the color of their clothes. However, it’s possible Universal decided the use of their names in such a way could be offensive, particularly to those who are not familiar with Hop on Pop. “Blacks”, which was written on the sign with no apostrophe to make it “Black’s”, is an especially harmful term used against Black people.

Of course, it’s possible the sign is just being refreshed and a version of the old name will still return.

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  1. This is kinda crazy that it was ever named this. It’s highly offensive to our African American brothers and sisters. I’m sure of this . My wife is black and this is painful and offensive because of the certain times and history of the references ie words used here. Kuddos for the change.. now don’t get me started on the jungle cruise and Splash Mtn. Those shouldn’t be changed it’s just asinine to even reason with all of these changes it’s a far over reach … however I’m all about seeing the princess and the frog layover though now that I have had to accept change is coming.. we love that film. Hopefully it will be awesome. Looking forward to it

  2. We don’t know with absolute certainty the reason for the sign’s removal yet, but even if a name change is coming, I don’t see how that would irk or inconvenience anyone. As long as it doesn’t affect my ability to get an Icee or churro, they can name it whatever the heck they want. In fact, if the stand closed forever, it wouldn’t be such a great loss either, since Icees and churros are easy to come by in several places.

  3. Cancel Culture rules the world right now, Corporations like Disney, Sbux are so afraid.

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