PHOTOS: Theaters Filling Every Row and Seat with No Spacing Between Guests at Universal Studios Florida

Our recent visit to Universal Studios Florida indicated that physical distancing and masks are nearly a thing of the past at the park. People packed the shows as they filled all available space. Additionally, the park has put an honor system in place which asks unvaccinated guests to remain masked during their visit. Otherwise, face coverings are no longer required.


As guests waited for the Bourne Stuntacular pre-show they were asked to fill all available space.


Few people were wearing masks as face coverings are now optional for vaccinated guests.


No physical distancing was required during the pre-show.


Very little distancing occurred as guests entered the theater.

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All rows and seats were filled by people from different parties.


People were allowed to leave the theater after the show with no physical distancing requirements enforced.


The same physical distancing and masking rules were true at Shrek 4-D.


How do you feel about the new physical distancing changes for shows at Universal Studios Florida? Would you be comfortable sitting this close to mask-less strangers? Let us know in the comments.

  1. Well…I think it’s too early to return to our normal life. Not everyone is vaccinated yet and many people are foreign tourists from countries where the vaccine is not fully available for everyone. I’d suggest to maintain social distancing.

  2. Good. It’s time to get back to normal. If people are afraid, they can stay home.

  3. What about the young kids who are not old enough to get vaccinated? We’re they saying anything about that?

  4. I really don’t see why they have to fill every seat. The big theatres are rarely full, couldn’t you let people leave a seat space if they wanted?!

  5. We just left our 4 day trip to Universal Studios Orlando and had a great time! I do think they dropped the social distancing and mask requirements too soon, and my husband and I are both vaccinated. However, we focused on what we could control. We did not sit next to others in the theaters and distanced when we could in the line since it was not always full. We had our kids wear their masks and even though we are vaccinated, wore masks indoors when in close proximity to others.

  6. I mean if people are scare, then don’t go there. We don’t need the mask police or vaccine police here, we are in America, we should have our rights to either protect ourselves with a mask or with our own immune system.

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