Creations Shop Flooring EPCOT

PHOTOS: First Look at Flooring for the Creations Shop at EPCOT

Disney Imagineer Zach Riddley has taken to Instagram once again to give a behind-the-scenes look at the design for the new Creations Shop, coming to EPCOT this summer. In previous sneak peeks, Riddley has shown off the new lighting and design elements from the façade, highlighting how the Imagineers are honoring the original EPCOT designs in the new construction. Today, he shared a look at the new terrazzo flooring.


The Creations Shop will have five unique flooring designs, including a Mickey-esque yellow with special 3D printed inlays intended to invoke imagery of Spaceship Earth.


Like the new lighting and the recycled Coke bottle flooring at the adjacent Cool Club, the terrazzo flooring was designed to further promote sustainability. It uses a “natural binder, made up of biodegradable materials.”


Riddley also shared a look at the first poured sections of the new flooring inside the Creations Shop.

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  1. Universal: Look at all the new stuff!
    Disney: Here’s our flooring samples from Lowe’s.

  2. the binder used in terrazo is about as biodegradable as concrete because it is one of two things. an epoxy binder or an old time cement that is used then polished. but hey, it makes him sound so woke using the word biodegradable, eh?

    1. apparently too much truth for the chapek lemmings to handle. that is how terrazo is made feeble minded little ones. but i realize truth is too much for your feeble minds to handle. i bet your wee your panties over the fact that diamond grinders are used to polish terrazo.

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