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PHOTOS: Aerial View of Typhoon Lagoon Water Park Falling Into Disarray at Walt Disney World

As we enter the summer months, it’s unclear if Walt Disney World’s Typhoon Lagoon water park will be reopening any time soon. Disney’s Blizzard Beach water park reopened in March, but Typhoon Lagoon has been closed for over a year now.

On Twitter, bioreconstruct has shared aerial photos of the water park, which has fallen into disarray.

Most of Typhoon Lagoon is currently drained of water, notably the large wave pool in the center of the park. Green rain water has collected at the lowest point.

The lazy river is also completely green, blending in with the surrounding trees and foliage. You can see it to the left of the wave pool in the photo above.

Some sources report there was a partial hill collapse at Typhoon Lagoon last summer. Tarps do cover a portion of the hill in this area that seems to be missing foliage. Unfortunately, there’s no evidence of work being done to repair the hill. The scaffolding to the right of the tarps was part of an ongoing project before the collapse.

There is no reopening date announced for Typhoon Lagoon and plenty of maintenance would need to be done before it could reopen. The show replacing “Must Do Disney” on resort TVs only refers to one “distinctly Disney water park”, Disney’s Blizzard Beach, which may indicate a long-term closure for Typhoon Lagoon.

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  1. Disarray? All I see is untreated water. Which is normal and easy to treat and take care of (you must not have ever had a pool). Walking paths are clean and clear. The tarp covering a rumored “collapse” is the only thing off. But sensationalism gets clicks.

      1. No. Im not mistaking anything. I have a local amusement park with a large water park. Every fall it closes. The water left to sit in the wave pool looks exactly like the pool at at Typhoon. It turns green. My pool turns green as well under the cover. It’s a normal occurrence and easily treated. It’s not disarray or disrepair. The Park is clearly in an off-season mode that most water parks go through in the north. Green water is easily treatable after shock and floc along with turning on the pumps and filters and chlorine.

        1. OK, 32,000 people have read this and you’re the only comment of this type, so I think the term we used is fair. Thank you though.

          1. Hi Tom – big fan of this site, podcasts, etc. but I actually came to the comments section to make the same point Austin just did. My pool in PA is green every season, takes a couple bags of chlorine, some vacuuming and about 3 days (if that) to get it sparkling blue again. I don’t see anything (other than the hill) very concerning, maybe it’s just easier to have a single park open due to labor shortages, etc.

              1. Very defensive for an obvious click bait article. No ones replies were even rude.

                1. Calling the writing “sensationalism” or clickbait is definitely not nice. My responses were not intended to be rude, you interpret the text how you choose to. That’s the problem with text conversations.

                  1. The phrase “falling into disrepair” is a fairly common colloquialism. By using very similar phrasing, I too found the article misleading.

            1. My pool is never green. Because, once green, it never recovers. Unless you chemically treat ever mm and reace the filter and scrub the rough sides. All the sand has to be replaced. Even then, e coli is mutating there .

              1. Pools in NY turn green over the long winter. Mine was huge at 18×38. I winterized it every year and it was still pea soup very spring.. 20 years of that pool all i did was shock it and add algecide, vaccuum like crazy and within a week it was crystal clear. The green water in the lazy river is nothing. They probabaly should have drained it but maybe there are issues without having water in it. Doesnt matter, once disney sees the need for the second water park they will get it up and running. Demand is not there yet is my guess.

                1. Demand it there, they are just cheap and money hungry. Operate 1 park, crowd it to the max….more $$$$$$$

              2. Where do you live! In Northeast PA it’s pretty normal for the pool to turn green during the off season. I’m betting your experience doesn’t match 99% of homeowners. A couple bags of shock beg to differ with you.

              3. His, Certified Pool Operator here. Once a pool as green, it needs to be treated to remove algae. The onlybreason for ecoli to be involved is if someone oops in the pool. If it is solid, it is removed and they chlorine level increased for 1 her before guests may re enter pool safely. If liquid pool as cleared for 24 he’s whilst raising the chlorine ppm for that period of time. Levels are tested prior to guest re entry. Hope that clarified it for you.

  2. With Universal taking a similar-ish theming with an arguably more advanced water park, the justification to keep Typhoon Lagoon (which was already less popular than BB) around is much lower. Wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes another discovery island for a while until Disney needs the land for another hotel.

    1. Pre-Covid, Typhoon Lagoon was actually the more popular of the two parks and consistently pulled higher numbers in terms of attendance. It also was usually voted higher in attractions rankings polls.

  3. So sad to see Disney take this apathetic attitude towards their property and guest experience. Volcano Bay has been open since last June, there is zero excuse for Typhon Lagoon to be closed at this point. But Disney would rather overcrowd Blizzard Beach than operate both water parks, which would provide guests more options with less crowds and thus a more pleasant waterpark experience.

  4. I noticed the refernce to one water park too on the newest Must-Do Disney video.

    What a shame – losing both Typhoon Lagoon and Stacey at the same time!!

    1. Not a fail, just dated technology. Disney tech for water parks in old. It takes 16 minutes to kill HepA with chlorine.

  5. Typhoon Lagoon is one of my favorite things about WDW, I prefer it to any water park anywhere… that being said it is over 30 years old, it might be due for some “long term maintenance”. Sad to see it shut down, hope it’s back this time next year when we plan to go to WDW, would hate to miss it next summer

  6. I’m not a bit surprised when we humans are done with something we just disgard it like a peace of nothing. I think if nothing else make it where it’s not a haven for dangerous and unsightly put it back the way they found it.they could plant more trees .

  7. I will stay home or vacation elsewhere until Disney hires the proper number of employees to completely re-open. Why pay (what I consider a premium price) to go and not enjoy 100% of what the Mouse has to offer.

  8. Should have kept TL open and ripped out the concrete jungle BB years ago, nothing but bright hot concrete that should’ve gone ages ago, they did not need another hot park with dangerous rides..

  9. What’s the problem with Disney? Will this just be another River Country disaster? Why not build a themed hotel next to the the park and incorporate the park into it as it’s water feature. It would be unique.

    1. I think they may not fix it and rebuild a newer park to compete with Universal Studios and Aquatica.

      1. They are currently fixing it, and they want to get it up & running as soon as possible. Typhoon is one of the most popular water parks in the world, and generates more visits (and presumably more $) than those other parks. It also allows for special events at night.

  10. Went there with my ex-wife for our honeymoon. Hope it stays closed forever 😂😂😂

  11. Well yeah that’s disney m.o. charge more while delivering less every single year. We won’t be doing our once a quarter trips anymore. Maybe once every couple years until new things open, not things closing.

  12. You could say the same for any of the closed properties. They all have a skeleton crew keeping an eye on things. Things look pretty good in these wide shots, aside from the hill collapse. Not seeing umbrellas floating in the pools or lounge chairs scattered about. They won’t be doing any big projects or even lots of landscaping if they don’t need too. They’ll do the big stuff when it’s time to get the park ready to be opened.

  13. nothing is mentioned about the pool which you can swim with fish and sharks

  14. This water park is a perfect visual representation of the current state of Disney leadership

  15. I worked at WDW in 1991 as a Cast member on the Disney College Program. There is a lovely picture of my younger self with other cast members at Typhoon Lagoon in front of the Mount Mayday. I did not work there (I worked at the front desk and in Concierge of several hotels), but that is where they took group pictures of those of us on the College Program in those days. I hope they fix or reopen it.

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