Signage Prohibiting “Photography, Video Recording, & Live Streaming” Appears at The Wave in Disney’s Contemporary Resort

We stopped by Disney’s Contemporary Resort for a refurbishment update and were surprised to find the new signage prohibiting photography, video recording, and live streaming outside The Wave… of American Flavors.


The Wave is closed for reimagining, and the entrance is blocked by black curtains. We found two signs outside the barricade.


The first was an average construction area sign asking guests to “Please pardon our appearance, this area is being refurbished for your future enjoyment.”


The other sign declares, “Photography, video recording, & live streaming are strictly prohibited. This also includes other Social Media Platforms. Only company sanctioned photography is allowed.” We’ve seen this signage once before, near backstage facilities outside the Magic Kingdom.


It’s a rare occasion to see photography prohibited in a guest space. These types of signage are common in backstage areas. It’s unclear if the sign is intended for guests or for Cast Members and construction crew who enter the worksite.

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    1. They would be shooting themselves in the foot if they did. Streamers, bloggers, and vloggers provide tons of free advertising. The ROI far outweighs the few people they annoy.

  1. The beginning of the end for one if the things that makes Walt Disney World fun.

  2. Honestly, in a public guest space, this looks like bad show. Someone within the company seems overly paranoid. Backstage, this is fine, but it looks very tacky on stage.

    1. It’s not finished yet give em a chance to do their job. Tackiness is trying to take pictures of things before it’s ready when it’s not your work anyways

  3. Normally I wouldn’t be interested in trying to sneak a photo of what’s behind that curtain. But, strangely, now I feel compelled to do so!

  4. This seems like a bit much but I get it. You don’t want to ruin the magic with pics/vids they don’t want you to see.

  5. So it appears that DW will soon prohibit ALL personal photography and videography while at the park.
    I can’t wait to see DW self destruct to bankruptcy. Some of like watching video of our park time later after the fact.

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