City of Orlando Asks Residents to Reduce Water Consumption in Wake of COVID-19 Pandemic; May Affect Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort

The mayor of the City of Orlando, Buddy Dyer, is asking all residents to reduce their water consumption immediately in an effort to avoid a crisis, according to Fox 35’s Dave Puglisi.

The reason for the request is because liquid oxygen, which is used to treat water in the city, is in critical demand by hospitals to treat patients with COVID-19. Should consumption not be reduced, the situation could hit a critical point within the next week, with residents possibly being asked to boil water for safety. It’s currently unknown how, if at all, this would affect the Universal Orlando Resort, which is within the city, or if this could possibly extend to nearby Orange County, home to Walt Disney World, which is currently unaffected.

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  1. Well, in return, I am going to drink MORE water. I’m not one to give in to conspiracy theories, but the 2020’s have me getting closer & closer to the conclusion that the federal Government is trying to kill us.😬☹️

  2. You know disney won’t be affected, they treat and manage their own water though the reedy creek management district’s water treatment plant. Also OUC only handles the downtown orlando and closely surrounding areas. Orange county handles the rest, now they may share infrastructure, but OUCs is not build for the county.

  3. How much water could be saved if Disney’s properties stopped watering their lawns and golf courses? How much if they shut down the water parks? I’d say shut down every single theme park and hotel’s water before ever asking residents.

  4. now chapek will instal pay toilets and showers to “help out with the crisis” no doubt

  5. I’m sure Disney will charge everyone more that wants to take a shower or have more than 6oz of water a day…. But it won’t hurt the rich guests….

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