REVIEW: Yachtsman Steakhouse Reopens With Delicious Prime Cuts, Fresh Seafood, and More at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

As we reported earlier, Yachtsman Steakhouse has reopened at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort. Guests can savor premium steaks, fresh seafood, and more at this New England-style steakhouse. We stopped by for dinner; let’s see how it fared.



The Yachtsman Steakhouse carries the resort’s overall nautical theme nicely without feeling tacky.


The host stand is shaped like a boat, which adds a fun touch.


We were among the first to arrive for the reopening, and the crew was gathered, excited to be back.


You can catch a glimpse into the kitchen.


The seating area is lit warmly with lantern chandeliers and sconces. The wood tones add to the warm environment, and white linens keep the palette light.




Bread Service


The classic onion roll is wonderful. It’s light and flaky, almost croissant-like. It pairs perfectly with the pink Himalayan salt butter and roasted garlic. A new addition to the bread basket is the cherry roll, a dense and rich multigrain sourdough. The cherries add the perfect balance of sweetness. It will be tempting to fill up on the scrumptious bread service, but be careful to save room for the other delicious dishes to come.

First Course

Steakhouse Wedge Salad – $15

Candied Bacon, Farmhouse Eggs, Radish and Smokey Blue Cheese Vinaigrette 


Yachtsman has a really great take on the traditional steakhouse wedge salad. Rather than the traditional dressing, it came with a blue cheese vinaigrette, so you get the distinct flavor of the cheese crumbles but also the fresh pop of the vinegar. The heirloom cherry tomatoes were fresh and full of flavor, but the real capstone of this dish is the candied bacon crumbles that add a smoky, salty sweetness that pulls everything together.

Lobster Bisque – $16

Lobster Biscuits, Crème Fraîche and Espelette Oil


The lobster bisque is rich and creamy, with a strong lobster flavor. You could clearly taste the sherry as well. There is a sizable cheddar crouton with the texture of a cheddar biscuit from Red Lobster. This is their signature appetizer, and for good reason. If you like lobster bisque, this is phenomenal.

French Onion Soup – $14

Sourdough Crouton, Gruyère Cheese and Onion Broth


This soup is made with five different kinds of onion. The soup had the perfect saltiness, with a robust sourdough that soaked up the soup and gave great texture without falling apart or being too meager. The cheese added a creamy, toasted flavor that complimented the soup well. While the sourdough is different than a classic crouton you get in a more traditional French onion soup, we enjoyed this very much. It is the perfect comfort food, leaving us feeling warm and satisfied.

Beef Carpaccio – $16

Truffle Aïoli, Parmesan, Fried Capers, and Smoked Sea Salt

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While the portion of beef carpaccio is not huge, it is so rich with an excellent marble on the beef. The fried capers pop with flavor and add the right amount of saltiness to the beef. The shaved Parmesan adds a nutty undertone, and the truffle aioli brings a creamy and earthy texture that brings everything together.

Butcher’s Cuts (served with one accompaniment selection)

8-oz Filet Mignon – $54

Cognac-Truffle Butter and served with one (1) Accompaniment Selection


The filet mignon was incredibly tender, juicy, and lean. It had no frills such as extra sauces or anything, but it also didn’t need any. We ordered it with the potato-leek gratin, which was our favorite of all the sides we tried. It was dense but tender, cheesy, and tangy with a mild onion flavor. If you have only one choice of side, this is the one to pick.

12-oz New York Strip Steak, Prime – $56

Peppercorn-Brandy Sauce and served with one (1) Accompaniment Selection


We were served a very flavorful cut. It was the toughest of the steaks we tried but also the most flavorful. The peppercorn-brandy sauce was a real standout as well, adding a tang without overpowering the meat. We ordered this with the house-made fries, which were fresh cut, perfectly crispy on the outside, and tender on the inside, with a nice dusting of sea salt.

16-oz Rib-Eye Steak, Prime – $59

Blue Cheese-Shallot Butter and served with one (1) Accompaniment Selection


Served with a bleu cheese, cognac, and truffle sauce, the ribeye was robust, meaty, and well-marbled. The sauce was an excellent complement. We ordered it with mashed potatoes, and they were good, but nothing special.

Land and Sea Entrées

Pan-Seared Seabass – $38

Charred Tomatillo Sauce, Sunchokes, Chorizo, Pearl Onions, and Cilantro Espuma


This was a very generous portion of sea bass filet. It had a nice meaty texture while still light and flaky. This dish is well accompanied with charred tomatoes, tender sunchokes that had the consistency of a potato, chunks of tangy chorizo, and well-roasted pieces of onion. It was a very nice seafood dish, but nothing remarkable. If you want seafood, there are better seafood restaurants on property. However, if you are a seafood lover out with a bunch of carnivores getting steak, this will not disappoint.

Steakhouse Sides

Truffle Macaroni & Cheese – $12.50


The truffle macaroni and cheese was the only thing we had at our meal that wasn’t a winner. It was dry and had much more truffle flavor than cheese. We are told they are working on the recipe, so we are hopeful they will improve on it in the near future.

Roasted Seasonal Mushrooms – $12


Four kinds of mushrooms are in this side. If you are a mushroom lover, these are phenomenal. They could almost be an entree on their own.


We loved our meal here at Yachtsman Steakhouse. The meats were cooked to perfection, the accompaniments complemented the entrees well, and we left satisfied. If you’re looking for a prime steak in a comfortable environment above the standard theme park venue, you’ll likely enjoy it here.

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  1. Ate there last evening. It was a terrific experience.
    Great food and great staff.
    Best part was seeing CM friends we haven’t seen in a very long time.

  2. Thank you for the review. My wofe and I will be staying at the Yacht Club in October. I tried making reservations but I was not successful. Glad to see it really did open.

  3. Tracked down this older article so I could ask this, and hopefully someone out there can answer (because the restaurant doesn’t answer their phone when I’ve tried several times to call them directly): What shoes are okay within the dress code for men? They only say “no flip flops” but do men have to wear dressy shoes or can they wear nice sandals (as long as they look okay with the outfit) or clean running shoes? We will be there on Sept 26th and have to finish packing on the 24th (flying early on 25th), and my hubby really doesn’t want to have to pack his formal dress shoes that would be worn just the one time. I asked on a forum somewhere, too, and no one has answered me. Can one of you please tell me if you’ve seen guys there with sandals or running shoes, “let in” to dine there? I’d appreciate it.

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