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RUMOR: Disney Delaying Reopening of All-Star Music Resort to December Amidst Attendance Drop at Walt Disney World

Disney’s All-Star Music Resort was set to reopen on September 16 at Walt Disney World, but there are now indications that the reopening may be delayed. Walt Disney World has seen a drop in demand and attendance recently and may be seeking to reduce their room inventory.

Guests with reservations this October for the resort have been notified that they are being moved to other hotels, including Disney’s Pop Century Resort. Additionally, the first available date for booking on the Walt Disney World website is December 10. Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort is set to open the day before, on December 9.

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  1. Good job, DeSantis.


  2. I have a room booked for sept 24th at all star music resort. I have not been informed about this yet and my reservation on disney website still says all star music.

    1. mine is nov. 8th check in and it still has my reservation there also. Plus not crazy about the genie app will make up my mine next month for sure.

  3. I’m genuinely curious as to why. My thoughts and speculations are because of the new release of the Genie + app and requiring lightening passes (fka “fast passes” and were free) to be paid for, the drastically increased prices of limited special ticketed events, and only on select nights with less entertainment, Disney cruise line now requiring vaccinations for ships traveling to the Bahamas as per the Bahamian EO (previously only a negative covid test was required), and of course the obvious…Covid. If so, hopefully, Disney is taking note and will make the desired amendments.

  4. I have a trip set for mid November and haven’t heard anything. Wonder when they will notify us and where we will move us? I am surprised about this but wouldn’t mind pop century either.

  5. that doesnt sound like a good idea. we are going to dis mid nov we are dvc all rooms sold out. i would imagine that most hotel rooms are gone to. need to open all hotels & dinning so dinning plan can return &there are enough options for all the people who will be there!

  6. You certainly wouldn’t know they were having issues booking based on how much they are charging for a room.

    It baffles me that they would rather let a place sit empty than lower the rates to competitive prices. I took one look and was like “nope”.

    1. I booked All Star Music mid November for $153 a night. That’s definitely competitive

  7. I called disney because I have reservations there on sept 28 and they said this is false they r opening sept 16

  8. I have a reservation from 9/25 to 10/02 at All-star Music. I haven’t been notified of any changes yet…..

  9. gee. i remeber when if wdw had to move you because, they would upgrade you from a value resort to a deluxe resort. and even a one bedroom to boot. but this is the age of cheapact and d minus amaro.

  10. Whoever is running Parks and Experiences these days is providing the consumer with absolutely no benefit to staying on property, as the experience of doing so has significantly diminished. And this is the result of that.

    They don’t make you feel like a “guest” anymore… you’re their personal piggy bank. Based on how busy the rest of Orlando is, there are plenty of people looking to vacation… Disney is just losing the game big time.

  11. Difficult to tell what the future holds. If covid continues to spike, many other reopening hotels might have to be delayed as well.

  12. We currently have a 3 night stay at AS Music starting Oct 30th and have not heard a word from Disney or have had any changes (yet) in MDE

  13. Hmmm. I haven’t gotten an email yet. We got a room there on sept 30 through October 3.

  14. We have a reservation in mid-October & haven’t heard anything about changes to our reservation yet.

  15. I called and Disney said not to use this blog as a good source for this type of info. I have a stay in October and the resort is still set to open September 16. So who so we believe?

  16. We have a reservation for the end of September and haven’t been notified of anything just yet. But wouldn’t complain if we were upgraded to a different room.

  17. We have a reservation starting Sept 17th and as yet have not been given notice, plans still show us at All Star Music

  18. We have a reservation for October 1-3. I just called Disney direct and The cast member in reservations said they have no knowledgeof his and had not been notified of any changes.

      1. We have reservations at the music resort mid October and i called disney twice today and was told this was incorrect so I don’t know what to believe.

  19. I have three reservations for different dates in October, so far I got emails on two of the reservations. Would also explain why most moderate/value hotels are unavailable. Maybe they are moving people around.

  20. We had a reservation for the last week in October for a standard room. Disney called today and they are moving our reservation to a suite at Art of Animation complimentary. Best news! We went from worrying about not having enough space to a 2 room suite!

  21. Its because there is hardly any international visitors, especially from the UK, Europe and Brazil..

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