Walt Disney Imagineering Wrapping Up Construction of Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

A new permit indicates that Walt Disney Imagineering is removing their trailers and other utilities from the construction site of Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser. This means that construction is likely wrapping up, at least on the exterior of the hotel.

Here’s a recent look at the hotel building, taken by bioreconstruct on Twitter.


Once construction is complete, there will likely be months of tests and rehearsals for Cast Members. Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser will be opening in the spring of 2022. Check out a sample itinerary and pricing for the experience.

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  1. This may be cool…but it will bomb. In this economy to spend $5k for 2 nights is insanity. It is a very niche market. Of course they will push their credit cards and installment plans. Like PT Barnum said…”There is a sucker born every minute.”. Besides, Disney has ruined Star Wars. Die Hard Fans… read Frankenstein….you made this monster now you’re stuck with it. lol

    1. TLJ and FA were better than Ep 1 and 2 by Lucas. And what economy, the one that is moving forward and up and pushing for better equity so more and more people can push to take vaca? Yes, its steep and probably needs to come down 20-30% but people will go. It’s only 100 rooms they need to fill.

      1. Why does it need to go down? The pricing does decrease the bigger your group. This isn’t meant to be an experience for the casual Disney/ Star Wars fan. It’s built for those that live and breath it. Those people will spend the money to be truly immersed. If I’m spending that money over another, maybe weeklong vacation somewhere else, then I don’t want a bunch of folks who aren’t in it for the immersion to ruin that.

        It isn’t for everyone. It shouldn’t be for everyone. It isn’t a regular hotel or theme park. The experience costs money. Not everyone can take a European vacation either. You can still go to Galaxies Edge.

        Also it’s designed to be an upscale, high end, more adult oriented space akin to the luxury cruiser of Dryden Voss or Canto Bights casino. Of course it’s a premium price to match the premium experience.

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