PHOTOS: Imagineer Shares Sneak Peek at New Club Cool Entrance at EPCOT

Imagineer Zach Riddley has given us a first look at the entrance to the newly reimagined Club Cool coming to EPCOT this summer.


Riddley discussed the design influences, noting that “The Club Cool marquee uses our EPCOT World Bold font and looks amazing in bright Coke red! The façade was inspired by classic green-hued glass Coca-Cola bottles and features the iconic Coca-Cola logo fully integrated into this dynamic design.” The flooring, as revealed earlier this year, is made from recycled Coca-Cola products.


The Imagineer also said Club Cool and the Creations Shop will open “very soon.”


“Coca-Cola has been a part of the Disney Parks story since 1955 when ice cold Coca-Cola was served at Disneyland! In 1998 the first iteration of Club Cool, Ice Station Cool, opened its doors here at EPCOT. Since then, we’ve continued to reimagine this location and it has truly become a part of the EPCOT experience,” Riddley said of the history of Club Cool.

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  1. My wife and I LOVE Club Cool. It is something unique, enjoyable, and tasty. And it’s a good way to rehydrate, which is very important when you’re walking around a lot, often in the heat.

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