REVIEW: Minion vs. Evil Minion Churritos Go Toe to Toe for Deliciousness at Universal Studios Japan

More than any other Universal park, we love the Minions here at Universal Studios Japan! The Minions always get plenty of food and merchandise for every seasonal event, and No Limit! Halloween is no exception. This year, the Minions are going head to head with each other in this pair of Churritos—the Strawberry Minion, and the Blueberry Chocolate Evil Minion! Which flavor shall reign supreme? We took a trip to Universal Studios Japan to find out.

Minion vs. Evil Minion Churritos – ¥600 ($5.42) Each


The two Churritos are available at the Minions Happy Kitchen cart in Minion Park.


They both follow the same general designs that Universal Studios Japan follows for seasonal Churritos. The Evil Minion on the left has a chocolate base with a hefty helping of blueberry sugar, as well as blueberry icing and chocolate flakes toward the stop. And close to the tip, a white chocolate with an Evil Minion silhouette is printed on.

The regular Minion Churrito on the right features a smaller plain base (the chocolate ones are made from thicker molds) with plenty of strawberry sugar and flavorless icing on the top section. A milk chocolate piece with a Minion silhouette adorns the top of this version.


Both Churritos also come with their own special wrappers!

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The Minion Churrito, as mentioned previously, has a strawberry flavor, but that description simply doesn’t do this justice, as the strawberry flavor is extremely strong. We were lucky enough to receive a fresh batch of both Churritos, so most of the sugar adhered well and it was still warm. While the strawberry sugar was a bit excessive, the rest of the churro felt otherwise bland, with a rather flavorless dough base and icing that added nothing to the experience other than visual flair. This was our least favorite of the two, but still fine for a quick bite.


The Evil Minion Churrito, on the other hand, was a shining example of how Universal should handle these seasonal Churritos (of which we’ve had a couple rough ones). The chocolate base was still warm and came off quite cleanly, the blueberry sugar blended well with the chocolate and wasn’t overwhelming like the strawberry on the regular Minion Churrito, and the chocolate flakes and icing didn’t fall off easily. If you’re looking for the superior over these two, evil triumphs over good for sure!

These Minion and Evil Minion Churritos will be available at Minions Happy Kitchen through November 7th, so be sure to pop in on your next visit to Universal Studios Japan! Do you have any favorite treats you’ve tried when you come to Universal? Let us know in the comments below.

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