Walt Disney World Continues Inclusivity Initiative with Diverse Group of New Characters Introduced at the Main Street Confectionery

The Main Street Confectionery in Magic Kingdom has reopened with a refurbished interior and a new backstory. Decorations throughout the Confectionery bring this “sweet” story to life.


As we first saw in a new window display, the Main Street Confectionery is now all about the Sweetest Spoon Showcase and its winners.


Columns at the main entrance of the Confectionery invite you to “Meet the Sweets!”


“Hailing from hometowns across the country, get to know the champion chefs wielding the nation’s sweetest spoons!”


There are six new characters featured in the Sweetest Spoon Showcase storyline. Like with the reimagining of the Jungle Cruise, Disney has made an active effort to include characters from diverse backgrounds, of all races, ages, and sexualities. There are three women and three men, each with their backstory blurb and a quote from someone in their life.


Sonia Sánchez from Brooklyn, New York: Sonia’s kitchen provides her Puerto Rican neighborhood sweet tastes of the Caribbean. Crowds line up into the streets to purchase quesitos sprinkled with “La Señora’s” signature cinnamon sugar.

“Her baking cooks up traffic jams!” — Officer Nadia Sánchez, Granddaughter


Dr. Alsoomse Tabor from Blackfeet Nation, Montana: Dr. Tabor’s digs are fruitful introductions to indigenous cuisine. Graduate students join the esteemed professor’s paleontology trips to learn from the best, and taste her famous fruit leather — the ideal food for fieldwork.

“When you’re digging up bones, nothing’s better than snacks that stick to them.” — Kimi Roth, Research Assistant.


Saul Fitz from Beulah, Maine: A town tailor of great renown, Saul Fitz fashions impeccably fitted suits and trousers by day, and finds relief from his exacting work by night, baking and noshing on chocolate rugelach. In sweetness, there is calm.

“I’m glad he unwinds by baking, so I can unwind by eating.” — Gary Henderson, Partner.

Gary being Saul’s “partner” implies they are gay or otherwise part of the LGBT+ community.


Agata Kaminski from Chicago, Illinois: Few things fill this free-spirited music teacher with greater joy than sharing Polish jelly donuts with her students, who nominated her to the Sweetest Spoon Showcase.

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“Parents complain about her paczki… because there’s not enough for them!” — Martin Wright, School Principal.


Willie Anderson from Tulsa, Oklahoma: Hobbies are Willie Anderson’s hobby. Lucky for him, his parents’ bookstore contains all he needs to know about potential pastimes. Treating taste buds to the tastiest pound cake in town is his latest obsession.

“If my William’s nose isn’t in a book, his hand’s on a spoon. Or a hammer, or a guitar or… who knows.” — Edith Anderson, Mother


Toshi Hayakawa from Main Street, U.S.A.: Toshi Hayakawa doesn’t just bake: he puts out flames. As a Main Street Firefighter, he turns up the heat on his greatest passion in the firehouse kitchen, perfecting his family’s 300-year-old rice cake recipe.

“Toshi’s mochi are great to grab and go… and I can grab a lot!” — Chief Smokey Miller.

Toshi is the only character from Main Street, U.S.A., itself.


Portraits of each character with their winner ribbons are now sitting behind the registers throughout the store.


New blue and gold valances matching the winners’ ribbons also hang behind a selection of treats.


Each winner has a snack sitting next to their portrait — maybe on they created or selected themselves?


The Glacier Kitchen menu also has a new valance matching the Sweetest Spoon Showcase decor.


Who is your favorite new character from the Main Street Confectionery? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. it takes a very small and feeble mind to think that eliminating certain history because it offends some small minded people is “inclusive”. amazing!

    1. What history has been eliminated in this case? Can you provide a “large-minded” answer?

  2. Main Street USA is turn of the century (early 1900s)… How does “Her baking cooks up traffic jams!” even make any sense for that time period.
    None of this has taken into account the existing backstory.

    Could have been cleverly, well done, but once again, zero research, zero effort other than to push their new key. So disappointing.

  3. This raises a couple of questions in my mind:

    First, how committed will Disney be to these backstories in terms of the actual Confectionery menu? Will park guests be able to get paczki and mochi there now? As a fan of both, that’s something I can totally get behind.

    Second, I was wondering if the LGBT+ implication of the word “partner” is based on official confirmation you received from the company or is it merely conjecture on your part? I ask because “partner” can just as easily imply that someone is a business partner, which was the first thing I thought until you suggested the other implication.

  4. I love them all! It’s sad when the homophobes go out of their way to whine about inclusion.

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