PHOTOS: Future PLAY! Pavilion Blocked Off As Disney Indefinitely Delays Project in World Discovery at EPCOT

Greetings from EPCOT! World Discovery has been the home of seismic change as part of the park’s reimagining, but it seems that not everything is moving at the same pace.


Much of the work outside the site of Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind looks to be nearing completion, as many of the large boxes cluttering the area have been removed.


As we’ve previously reported, support poles have already been installed in the courtyard for the ship that will welcome guests to the Wonders of Xandar pavilion.


While it’s already been confirmed that the attraction will open sometime next year, as we move further south, a major indicator that the PLAY! pavilion may take more time has become evident.


Currently, the entrance to the pavilion has been blocked off with a curb. Concept art from the pavilion suggests that a new entrance path could be constructed (as seen below), but it doesn’t seem that it’s been carved out just yet.


As these trees mature, they’ll provide plenty of cover as construction on the pavilion, featuring interactive adventures with Disney characters, continues to develop.


From the monorail, the foliage already seems dense, especially around the PLAY! site.


No timetable for the pavilion’s opening has been set, but it is still being previewed at the EPCOT Experience, so it should still happen at some point in time.

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Brian Hester
Brian Hester
1 month ago

I don’t get how a couple of photographs and nothing more supports a headline that the project that had no announced anticipated opening date has now been “indefinitely delayed.” All this post does is show we can’t tell from it when it’s likely to be ready. But that doesn’t mean the project has essentially been delayed indefinitely. Be more responsible.

Tom Corless
1 month ago
Reply to  Brian Hester

That’s incorrect, as this project was originally slated for the 50th as well as Guardians. They are building new planters, and the planter, which doesn’t look super-temporary as it is a concrete curb and has nice, large trees, is being places directly in the way of where the entrance would go.

Justin S.
1 month ago

Let’s be honest. This is the only reason you ride the monorail. :P