REVIEW: 50th Anniversary Corn Chip Pie with Walt’s Chili from Dino Diner at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

We’ve reviewed a lot of sweet treats from Disney’s Animal Kingdom for the 50th anniversary celebrations, so we decided to take a break from the sugar and try something savory instead. We set up camp outside Dino Diner for the Corn Chip Pie with Walt’s Chili.


Corn Chip Pie with Walt’s Chili – $8.49

Corn Chips covered in Walt’s Favorite Chili, Cheddar, Sour Cream, and Green Onions


Sorry, Walt, it’s not our favorite chili. This is a pretty basic dish consisting of Fritos, chili, sour cream, and a few jalapeño slices. As such, it serves its purpose and gives you about what you’d expect from the ingredients: a very rudimentary nacho taste. Aside from this being too salty for being outdoors in Florida, the chili has too much of a ketchup taste. Given the choice, we’d go for a dog with Walt’s chili before doing this dish again, as the style of chili pairs better with that.

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