Disney Parks States They May Reduce Food Portion Sizes for Guests to Increase Profits

Today’s Q4 earnings call revealed a lot of information about the state of Disney’s finances, including a 99% increase in Parks revenue compared to Q4 2020. However, this didn’t stop a discussion of potential cost-cutting measures.

Christine McCarthy, the Chief Financial Officer, commented that “We can cut portion size, which is probably good for some people’s waistlines,” as one of the possible measures.

“We aren’t going to go just straight across and increase prices. We’re going to try to get the algorithm right to cut where we can and not necessarily do things the same way,” McCarthy said.

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During the same call, McCarthy also noted that per capita guest spending increased by 30% over the last quarter. Additionally, nearly 33% of guests paid $15 per person to upgrade to Genie+ services.

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  1. Yeah, I’m gonna be talking to my family about canceling our trip, they’re doing a great job at increasing profits

  2. Ah, Disney. To be worried about someone’s waistline by attacking their pockets while giving them less for the amount of money spent.

  3. The following quote is from a second article on this site:

    Compared to pre-pandemic 2019 numbers, per capita guest spending at Walt Disney World increased by 30% in the fourth quarter of 2021.

    And then we read about potential cost cutting methods that may reduce serving sizes.

    Lordy, Disney continues to do things that make me less and less inclined to visit anymore.

    And, then this quote from the CFO:

    Christine McCarthy, the Chief Financial Officer, commented that “We can cut portion size, which is probably good for some people’s waistlines,” as one of the possible measures.

    My thought: Christine, do you expect a reduction of food portions when you take your next vacation? Oh, and stop being so judgemental.

  4. Boycott Disney. Bob Paycheck is taking this company in the wrong direction. You want to go to Disney, you better be holding down at least 3 jobs.

  5. So a Disney executive is proposing portion decrease but at same time raising prices on food.Once again I am amazed at how low they’ll go to make a buck more profit.Maybe more people should bring in food from outside Disney or take more meals outside of Disney property.

  6. Offering less for more. This is apparently the way. Sounds like more guests will be venturing off property to enjoy a dinner that’s not served on a toothpick. Chapek’s Disney fails once again.

  7. They are also considering taking the water out of the pools, and charging extra to use the toilets in the hotel rooms.

  8. I could be wrong but I thought was how they were going to address inflation. Instead of just raising prices can they reduce portions as an option as well.

  9. I’m sorry, but are they kidding??? If they’re reducing portion sizes they better be reducing prices! It’s absolutely outrageous. No amount of money is enough for them! I love Disney, and I most likely will never stop going, but the greed of the people who run the company is seriously getting out of control!!! The rides break down all the time(carousel of progress literally breaks down every time it rains), the people mover was out of commission for over a year! And there are still NO TRAMS IN THE PARKING LOT!! Where’s the money going?!?!?! Prices go up every single year while perks continue to disappear. COVID was a convenient excuse to them to severely cut down on everything EXCEPT prices!

  10. pay more for less has obviously become the new disney regime’s motto. it is just nice to hear one of them actually admit it.

  11. Guest spending goes up 30% and 33% ungrade $15 to Genie+, but hey we need to cut costs so smaller portions for you ridiculously already overcharged happiest place on earth guests. Nothing says we care about our customers like less for more.

  12. disney wants to continue kicking every paying customer in the teeth over and over again with cost cutting crap, whats going to happen is year after year of doing this to people that want to go to disney will eventually go somewere else. its disappointing , and they keep calling it the most magical place on earth , which means pay more get less , and shut up and like it.

  13. Oh man Disney Disney Disney. Yall just keep on spitting on walts idea and everyone that visits. This is beyond ridiculous as the festival food portions are already tiny for the price we pay.

  14. Wow I can’t even believe this one. So they are seriously considering cutting or food portions down now? And expect the prices to stay same or go higher? Does Disney have a partnership with Candid Camera lately? So many things they are doing now are just flat out ridiculous and insulting. Going Downhill quick….

  15. “and probably good for customers waistlines” – oh F you. Disney leadership is a dumpster fire.

  16. “…which is probably good for some people’s waistlines.” SHM. Does this CFO even hear herself??? Pathetic.

    Not only does Disney feel the need to play “culture police” by telling us what content is appropriate or not, now they are meddling in what we eat. How about just doing your job and going back to entertaining us, Disney!!


  17. “We can always make more money and you could always stand to lose weight.” This is what Disney thinks of you.

  18. I remember the BBQ Ranch at Disney land. All you can eat. Very popular place. Of course people would linger and eat to make it worth it, but like all good things, it goes away an we pay more for less each day.

  19. You are a number to extract money from.

    Greed greed greed. It’s never enough for these assholes.

  20. I suppose these earnings calls are by definition all about money, but it sure seems Disney has become more focused on cost containment than ever before.

    Other potential cost saving measures Christine McCarthy also revealed in the earnings call included that “We can adjust suppliers” and “We can substitute products.”

    I hope in the pursuit of Chapek’ism, there isn’t a move afoot to lower quality. To my family, we’ve accepted that a trip to WDW is expensive, but the quality was where the real value of a Disney trip is.

  21. Happy for them to cut food portions – I usually buy child meals due to the large adult meals. But to do so and keep the same price is highway robbery.

  22. Disney is on the decline. Cutting portion size is just a sneaky way to increase the price. What’s worse, is that Disney executives have the audacity to joke that this is “good for guests waistlines”. Ugly remark to make joking about people spending hard earned money on a vacation. Fire Chapek! Sign the petition!

  23. you have got to be kidding. At least in DisneyLand, the portion sizes are already miniscule, especially for the price!

  24. I love that they called their guests fat and suggested them cutting the size of the food with the same overpriced tag would be “good” for them. This company is pure evil. Inside and out. The founders would hate all the ones in charge.

  25. Maybe they will just make you empty your wallet for no services rendered soon. Silly to make people pay more for less. It will catch up to them, which is unfortunate.

  26. I’m sure we’ll see a drop, not an increase, in food prices to go with this too. So they’ll just be saving money on their own food expenses. Yeah, definitely. No way would they give the customer less for more again. Not modern disney.

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