PHOTOS: Progress Made on Structure Next to TRON Lightcycle Run at Magic Kingdom

There has been significant progress on the structure next to TRON Lightcycle / Run at Magic Kingdom.


The bottom of the structure is now surrounded by scrim.


A steel grid has been installed around the outside since our last update.


Several crew members were working on the structure today.


Some of the crew seemed to be installing supports for a roof.

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Beyond the structure, there is still scaffolding at the coaster’s entrance into the show building. We could see crew members up there as well.


The coaster’s canopy has yet to be installed.


Beneath the coaster’s track, a path has been cleared for the Walt Disney World Railroad tunnel.

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  1. Progress? Took 12 months to build DL & 18 months to build WDW MK/7Seas/2 Hotels/Monorail Loop, that’s 30 months in total if done sequentially. By my count it’ll be around 55 months to complete Tron IF they open next August. All R&D was done and this is a copy of one they built. (Covid only closed WDW for about 5 months).

  2. the scrim is a tarp to keep the fireproofing from spraying out all over the place. the holes in the tarp are from the ironworkers welding up the curtain wall and burning the tarp. seen this plenty of times on the jobsite. you people want a really nasty hard dirty job? then be a plasterer and spray cementitious fireproofing for a living. of course, fiberglass based cafco is even worse to spray.

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