PHOTOS: “Totally Minnie Mouse” Event Coming to Tokyo Disney Resort January 18th through March 30th

In a rather surprise move, Tokyo Disney Resort has announced a special event of sorts for winter 2022, called Totally Minnie Mouse. This event will span across both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea and will feature special merchandise, menus, and greeting overlays at both parks themed to past Tokyo Disney Resort events.


The Oriental Land Company is billing this as the first special event in two years (despite seasonal overlays to greetings coinciding with special food and merchandise line releases since the COVID-19 closure ended in July 2020).


Tokyo Disneyland


Over at Tokyo Disneyland, the festivities will be set around the temporarily-renamed Minnie & Friends Greeting Parade: Totally Minnie Mouse, which will bear three overlays depending on the part of the season, each themed to a past show or special event at Tokyo Disneyland.

Minnie Oh! MinnieJanuary 18 through February 13
Disney Princess DaysFebruary 14 through March 1
Disney Natsu MatsuriMarch 2 through March 30

Tokyo DisneySea


The same concept carries over to Tokyo DisneySea as well, with the park receiving overlays to the also-renamed Minnie & Friends Harbor Greeting: Totally Minnie Mouse, each themed to a past seasonal event or show at Tokyo DisneySea.

A Table is WaitingJanuary 18 through February 13
Season of the Heart/Valentine NightFebruary 14 through March 1
Minnie’s Tropical SplashMarch 2 through March 30



Merchandise themed to Minnie’s past costumes will be released across both parks starting January 18th.


As well, there’s plenty of plain Minnie merchandise on its way.



Restaurants at both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea as well as at the Disney Hotels will feature Minnie-themed cuisine, sweets, and drinks.

If all of this seems familiar, it’s because this event seems like a scaled-back part 2 of 2020’s Very Very Minnie, with elements that may have been passed on that event being reused here. It’s surprising to see them recycle the idea into something new rather than bring back the fan-favorite event, but the centerpiece of Very Very Minnie, It’s Very Minnie, wouldn’t well be possible with Showbase currently occupied by Club Mouse Beat. Either way, we look forward to seeing the Tokyo Disney Resort return to its cadence of special events as things return to normal at the parks. Let us know whether you’re excited in the comments!

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