Bob Iger Tweets Thanks on Final Day With The Walt Disney Company

After spending some time at Walt Disney World, Bob Iger tweeted this morning to commemorate his final day with ABC and The Walt Disney Company. He thanked colleagues, Cast Members, and his family.

“This is the end of my 47 1/2 yr ABC @Disney journey and it was ‘the ride of a lifetime.’ Enormous thanks to my colleagues & fellow cast members & special thanks to my wife Willow & my 4 children: Katie, Amanda, Max & Will. I couldn’t have done this without your love & support.”


Iger shared a photo of the Partners Statue outside Walt Disney Studios, as well as a photo by Art Streiber for the cover of this week’s issue of Variety, which features an interview with Iger.

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  1. Iger truly did love his job….. and for people who bathmouth him and Eisener remember that they helped save the company during troubling time. Heck Chapek is doing the same due to the Pandemic and the changes and the imagination thing are due to this. This is probably why Chapek vowed that once things have settled down he will prove himself with the creative side of things. My family actually does business and understands these things. Including that if there’s no more money then there’s no more Disney. So for everyone who is already complaining don’t jump to conclusions based of the first few actions. Let’s see what happens next. Keep your fingers crossed.

  2. He is already truly missed. He had Disney on the right track and all fans and stockholders appreciated it. Best of luck in retirement Mr. Iger and many thanks for so many wonderful years at Disney. Walt would have been very proud.

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