Disney Dining Plan Yet to Return to Walt Disney World 6 Months After Announcement

Though it was announced that the Disney Dining Plan would return to Walt Disney World, it remains suspended with no immediate signs of returning six months later.

The Disney Dining Plan was suspended in March 2020 when the parks closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It did not return when the parks reopened as dining was limited. No information regarding a return has been released since June 30th of this year.

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  1. We all know that Bob the Beancounter is already working the angle of how to give less for more! They’ll just sneak the DDP back in totally under the radar, without any hype or fanfare, at a moment in time that’s totally uncharacteristic of Disney Parks!

  2. probably chapek and d amaro are still arguing over how much to raise the price and cut the service.

  3. Nor will it return the way we once knew (and loved) it. Will more expensive, for sure, with less options.

  4. It is easy to point fingers and make assumptions regarding the DDP during this pandemic. I am guilty of jumping to conclusions and being very angry and upset with the thought of my Disney World experience never being the same. I am a long, long, time guest. I stay on property, I purchase the DDP, and even lovingly speak of the crazy, unnecessarily long bus ride from the airport to Beach Club, just to watch the video and take in the sights and sounds on the ride. This is what this pandemic has taught me. Patience. That’s it. Patience. The DDP will return. It will return when all of the eating establishments open. It will open when staffing returns to normal. Noone at Disney is out to get us or stick it to the lovely, caring, amazing guests. They get it, we are frustrated, sad, anxious, and any other adjective I could type. I choose to believe that this pandemic will reach endemic soon, and our beloved, sometimes idealistic view of Disney returns. Call me nieve, call me blinded by Disney Co, it’s fine. I respect the process, my mental health depends on it.

    1. Wonderful comment. We look forward to coming back to WDW. And we look forward to the bus ride and the DDP as well.

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