PHOTOS: More Walls Added to Structure Near TRON Lightcycle Run at the Magic Kingdom

Greetings from the Magic Kingdom! While it may be another year before guests can race through the Grid on TRON Lightcycle / Run, the site remains a hotbed of activity every time we pass by.


From the ground, we can see that while the framework of the illuminated canopy is mostly done, some finishing touches are still being added.


More metal “ribs” have been added to the bottom edge of the canopy.


Meanwhile, over at the mystery structure by the railroad tracks, another section of wall paneling has been installed.


On the side closest to the queue of The Barnstormer, only a portion of the top and a section to the far right remain exposed, though the work remains far from finished.


As we take to the highway in the sky on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover, we can see that scaffolding remains in place on the part of the building with the exit portal, leading to the outdoor portion of the coaster track.


Further along, we could see someone working on the entrance canopy archways.

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Even more construction workers could be spotted on the future walkway beneath the main canopy.


Most of the dirt seems to have been smoothed out, though it seems there’s still some work to do before paving can begin.


Speaking of the fascinating topic of smoothed dirt, the pathway between the site and Space Mountain appears to be completely smoothed. However, that may be to accommodate the movement of construction vehicles.


From this angle, we can see more of the metal “ribs.”


And with one last glimpse of the pathway, our latest construction tour is complete.

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  1. It so hard to square these visual evidence stories about Tron’s progress with the completely unsourced “rumor” this site keeps pushing with nothing to back it up that it isn’t opening for another year or 2023 that nobody else has confirmed or even been willing to repeat. Maybe it turns out to be true, but the construction seems to be telling a different story.

    1. The canopy has no roof and there’s no walkway to the ride, not to mention there’s still no train tunnel and that side building isn’t even enclosed yet. We also can’t see the inside. This does not look like something close to opening, I’m not sure what photos you are looking at.

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