Hilarious Anti-Chapek Sign Spotted at Magic Kingdom During 2022 Walt Disney World Marathon

We’re at the end of the 2022 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend and this morning guests ran the full marathon through the Walt Disney World theme parks. Guests not participating could cheer on the runners, and one of these cheerers was spotted holding an anti-Chapek sign.

ImagineEars Podcast tweeted out a picture of the sign, which their friend spotted in Magic Kingdom. It reads “You run Disney better than Chapek.”

Update: We ran into the sign-holder, Ryan Gagnon, when we visited EPCOT later in the morning.


Ryan also brought a “you run better than the government” sign but said the decision was clear on which one to hold up. He can be found on Instagram @gagnon_island.

Unpopular Disney CEO Bob Chapek has recently stated he’s not a fan of his current reputation as a “bean counter.” This was soon after he canceled his appearance at Destination D23, allegedly due to scheduling conflicts, and amidst a petition to fire him being circulated by retired Imagineers.

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  1. Keep at it folks hopefully they will get the idea & change course toward to what Walt had in mind. And not do things he did not want PERIOD!!!!!!!

  2. It may just start out with protests but soon it may increase into violence and even worse if people online are crazy enough to try it. With all this negatively I actually fear something might happen…. so for humanity I have to ask anyone who reads this comment this….. Would anyone be mad or insane enough to actually try and hurt him or worse, even doing what the people at Washington DC did last year?….. Because it is not worth running your life over something that might be more then what people think. We are humans and we are better then that.

    I hope people understand this and keep themselves from taking matters into their own hands…. because they don’t seem to get that he has been put in a difficult position during one of the most hardest times in history and has had to make some hard choices. I even talked with a Cast Member about this negativity online and he told me all about it. My family, who also run businesses also told me things that people online don’t understand or misinterpret. They even told me that Disney isn’t the only one making tough choices as other businesses and companies have done simialr things as well because that they all lost alot of money and they have to make some hard choices to make sure that they suirvse the Pandemic. So if yoy take it all into account Chapek has been put in charge during a troubling time and his doing his best to make sure Dinsey survives just as other companies are trying to do. It would have to take someone who truly hates him to take matters into their own hands and permanently end leadership, without knowing all of the full facts. I hope you and others understand what I am trying to say here and to think about the reasons or to talk to Cast Members about it. Remember that people online is actually just 100% of the 1,000% or 1,000,000% people in the world and their opinions could I d he different from yours.

  3. As a bonus things I told my mom about it and she concludes that the way that he was doing it, even with the Government one, he was just being obnoxious in the way he was getting his opinion across.

  4. okay bob, you are not a bean counter. so simple question. what the hell are you? you are certainly not qualified to run disney at all. glad i got rid of my stock before it goes to a penny stock under bob the bean counter.

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