Mears Connect Raises Price of Express Service to $250

Mears Connect has replaced Disney’s Magical Express with service between Orlando International Airport and Walt Disney World Resort hotels. Only the day after Disney’s Magical Express completely ended, Mears Connect has raised the price of their express service.


Express service — previously known as premium service — promises little to no wait time and was available at $200 for up to four passengers. It is now $250, also for four passengers. Additional passengers to express service are $55 each.

Standard service prices remain the same: $16 per adult and $13.50 per child for a one-way trip or $32 per adult and $27 per child for a round trip.

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  1. I just came back from a trip to Disneyland. I returned to the airport from a DLR area hotel on 12/28/21. I booked a STRETCH LIMOUSINE. Total cost? After tip, $240. I thought at the time, that’s a massive overspend but why not. Kids loved it, wife loved it; when do you ever get to travel in a stretch? Now I realize this was Disneyland not WDW; but still. I paid less money for a trip that was 40% longer in luxury travel. Heck, in hindsight I should have popped the bottle of champagne that was in the car. Would have cost me $50 but that seems like a bargain compared to the cost of the ride in a standard Mears van at WDW.

    So bottom line to me here is shop around. I’m sure there’s a limo service that will get you to WDW in style for the same OR LESS here in Orlando.

  2. Everything else about this crap new service aside: How do they get away with charging adult rates for 10 year olds? Why even bother lying about that and just charge everyone the same price? That type of shady pricing practices drives me nuts.

  3. Is Mears Connect just a bus ride? Is there any attempt to inject Disney into the “experience”? I also notice it says “Introductory Rates” so no doubt those prices too will be increasing. #ThanksChapek

  4. It makes renting a car a much better choice when traveling from and to the airport. An added benefit is that you are not locked into WDW.

  5. They know the Disney sheep will pay anything to go to a corrupt company. They can milk them up like Disney does with genie plus etc.

  6. From what I’m reading, it’s not going well with folks not getting picked up on time, to some even missing flights….. but by golly, let’s raise the $$ to see how far they can push people. SMH

  7. My family started to go to WDW in 1996. We live in Liverpool, England. We have visited 26 times since, but no more. The prices now are just ridiculous and pure greed including charging guests to park on Disney property. What used to be an annual event is now beyond our budget, bye bye Mickey and co

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