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PHOTOS: ‘Ohana at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort Runs Out of Signature Bread, Replaces with Rolls

The fan-favorite ‘Ohana restaurant at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is known for its tasty menu items, including the infamous Signature ‘Ohana Bread with honey butter. But as of tonight, the restaurant has seemingly run out of its signature bread and has replaced it with King’s Hawaiian-esque rolls.

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Instead of the usual Signature ‘Ohana Bread, we received these pull-apart rolls.

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We are unsure when the usual Signature Bread will return for guests to enjoy.

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ohana rolls

Let’s hope this isn’t another repeat of when ‘Ohana got rid of their famous noodles and then ultimately brought them back after fan backlash.

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  1. More cost cutting? I am tired of blaming Covid. Is it too soon to bring back “Thanks Shanghai”?

  2. The magic is dwindling here folks. I for one am good paying more for more, even more for the same…but same for less and more for less are very hard to swallow. Just like those rolls. :)

  3. One of the waitresses said their mixer broke and so they cannot make them until it gets fixed.

  4. Probably just a shipping issue with one of the main ingredients and couldn’t get it in stock locally. A lot of groceries are running out of stock, not surprised that it is affecting commercial restaurants too.

  5. Something odd is going on, because now you can’t even search for a dinner reservation at ‘Ohana. It only shows breakfast times all the way out.

  6. So is this more of the “supply chain” issues that they’ve been blaming every other screw up for?? Couldn’t they get flour?? Or is Disney becoming more and more expensive even as they offer less and less to their suckers… er, I mean “customers”…

  7. Look, I have to say as a casino manager in Nevada, supply chain issues are very real. We order things, and our suppliers say they can’t get their hands on things. This goes from everything from beers to cleaning supplies. Trying to complain like everything should be normal is just not reasonable right now.

    I am also a former Disneyland cast member who worked there during a longshoreman’s strike in San Pedro which knocked out some of our inventory. People would say “Where can I get a glow sword?” and I had to answer with “we’ve been asking the same thing for weeks.” Sometimes supplies just aren’t available.

    I get many of the current complaints about Disney, but to complain about Disney because of things that Disney cannot control, that’s just silly.

  8. My husband and I were at Ohana in Jan 2022,Was always a favorite,will not go back until they stop saying can’t get help,The food was lousy,The prices are to high,Also there is no reason the dining plan is not back.Your better off staying off property more places to dine.I’m a vacation club member for over 20 years and staying on property is not worth it.

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