REVIEW: New 50th Anniversary Always Tea Time Slush at Cheshire Café in the Magic Kingdom

After a delay, the Always Tea Time Slush that was due to arrive as one of the new 50th anniversary treats on January 10 was finally available today. Originally, Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café said they would be serving the slush as Cheshire Café had closed for the season. We were surprised to find Cheshire Café open today.


The new slush wasn’t listed on the menu yet, but they had it available when we asked.

Always Tea Time Slush – $5.99

Mango and Sour Apple Slush topped with Whipped Cream and a White Chocolate Medallion


The sour apple balances the sweetness of the mango nicely. With the first sip, you immediately get the taste of green apple.


The mango is a lot softer and smoother, without the artificial aftertaste.

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The white chocolate medallion has an improper fraction as a nod to the Mad Hatter’s hat.


You can drink this in layers or swirl the two layers together. When you swirl them, you get a balance of apple tartness and mango, with mango being the predominant flavor.


Overall, this isn’t bad, and we might get it again. However, it is quite different from the previous offering here, which was made from actual blended tea.

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  1. “has an improper fraction” … otherwise known as the price tag of the hat.

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