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Archway Installed at Connections Café Entrance, Construction Continues on Journey of Water at EPCOT

The exterior of Connections Café and Eatery in EPCOT remains under construction, but we have seen some major progress including the archway installed at the entrance of the building since our last check-in. Connections Café and Eatery is located across from Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind at the former site of Innoventions East.

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Crews have completed construction on the rounded corner. Though they have yet to paint, they have removed the scrim and scaffolding.

epcot construction 2

An entrance archway has also been installed.

epcot construction 4

Tarps hang over many of the windows and the entrance.

epcot construction 5

We saw crew members both on the ground and on the roof this morning.

epcot construction b
epcot construction b 1

From the ground, we got a better look at the underside of the corner.

epcot construction b 2

Some sections of the overhang near the wall remain uncovered. Jumbo Tex weather-proof sheathing is on either side of the entrance.

epcot construction b 3

New concrete is over the columns between windows.

epcot construction b 4

The crew members will soon repaint the overhang and columns to match the rest of the building.

epcot construction b 5

In the breezeway, we haven’t seen much progress since windows were installed.

epcot construction b 6

This area also needs to be repainted.

epcot construction b 7

We’ve been seeing colorful lighting tested inside the building and today green lights were on.

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The green lights surround the walls creating a corner inside. Orange strips of light are on the ceiling.

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epcot construction 7

Meanwhile, the land between World Discovery and World Nature remains mostly covered in dirt as construction continues on Dreamers Point and Journey of Water.

epcot construction 8

The exterior of Connections Café on this side has seemed mostly completed for some time, though work may still be ongoing that we cannot see. Dreamers Point will be behind Spaceship Earth.

epcot construction 10

Journey of Water Inspired by “Moana” will be a new walkthrough attraction full of interactive water features.

epcot construction 11

For now, the construction site is mostly shifting piles of dirt and a few small concrete structures.

epcot construction 13

The white tents near the construction walls are where workers take their breaks.

epcot construction 17
epcot construction 18

Orange netting and barriers create protective fencing around trenches and holes in the ground. There is also some wooden fencing along the paved walkway cutting through the dirt site.

epcot construction 20
epcot construction 23

Some grass and trees are near the break tents.

epcot construction 24

We could see a crew member working on the side of one structure.

epcot construction 25
epcot construction 26

There is no opening date announced for Journey of Water, Dreamers Point, or Connections Café and Eatery.

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  1. Why couldn’t the festivals use a renovated Innoventions West building? Can you imagine food and wine festival in air conditioned/shaded comfort? Instead we’ll get a “festival area” with no shade and excruciating heat/humidity and a minor walk through Moana attraction.

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