‘Beauty and the Beast’ Prequel Series Postponed Indefinitely

Shannen Ace

Gaston and LeFou in live-action "Beauty and the Beast"

‘Beauty and the Beast’ Prequel Series Postponed Indefinitely

Disney has infinitely postponed the “Beauty and the Beast” prequel series due to “creative and scheduling issues,” Variety reports.


Disney originally announced the series in 2020. And filming was to begin this summer, but some creative elements were not ready. Compounding that delay with cast scheduling issues and weather constraints resulted in a pause in production.

Disney+ had given the series an eight-episode order developed, executive produced, and written by Josh Gad, Edward Kitsis, and Adam Horowitz. Gad was to reprise his role as LeFou, with Luke Evans as Gaston, from the 2017 live-action “Beauty and the Beast.” The show’s cast had been growing over the past few months, with Rita Ora announced just earlier this week and Fra Fee (“Hawkeye”) last month.

The show followed Gaston and LeFou as they followed LeFou’s stepsister Tilly (Briana Middleton) on an adventure after discovering details from her past. On their journey, they would unravel mysteries, unearth secrets, and discover dangers. Disney Legend Alan Menken (“The Little Mermaid,” “Pocahontas”) was to compose the music.

Disney may revisit the show at a later date.

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  1. Not one bit disappointed. No matter how much I liked Luke Evans and Josh Gad together and saving the movie… Luke was already on the old side for Gaston in 2017 (it got creepy next to Emma Watson), he is definitely too old now for a prequel. And Josh Gad… He’s overused whenever I see him in anything else I usually hear Olaf.

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