Citrus Swirl

Citrus Swirl Discontinued at Sunshine Tree Terrace in Magic Kingdom

Cast Members at Sunshine Tree Terrace in Magic Kingdom tell us that the Citrus Swirl will be discontinued for at least the next two years.

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They did not know what would replace the classic treat but said it would most likely be a rotation of seasonal flavors.

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Citrus Swirl has been completely removed from the menu board on display. The fan-favorite treat was a swirl of frozen orange juice slushy and vanilla soft-serve ice cream.

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Disney attempted to remove the Citrus Swirl four years ago, but its disappearance only lasted a week after guests demanded its return. It’s been absent from Sunshine Tree Terrace for months, but Cast Members kept recommending to check back as it was supposed to return. Now, they have confirmed that it won’t be returning any time soon.

How do you feel about the removal of Citrus Swirl? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. This was removed in October. We looked for it on the 50th anniversary, but it was already gone. It hasn’t returned since, and I guess won’t for a while. Disappointing.

  2. Great idea🤬 get rid of the staple item that’s painted ON THE BUILDING! And the major item most people (that I know) go there to specifically get!

  3. I hate it!!! Why would they remove a classic? What’s next, the dole whip?? They could’ve just added additional things….

  4. I mean what the hell is the Orange Bird good for if there’s no damn oranges to swirl!

  5. I love the citrus swirl! One of my must haves when I visit the parks. So refreshing! Please bring back!

  6. They must be crazy getting rid of a crowd favorite! What comes next… No more Dolewhip for the Tiki Tiki show?
    Come on you executive rascals. Start using your noggins!

  7. Seriously? How hard is it to have that as a regular item?
    Seems things are chronically getting eliminated lately and it’s really impinging on our MAGICAL EXPERIENCE! Which I might add has become quite onerous each year!

  8. But… why? Is there some scarcity of oranges I’m not aware of? I don’t understand Disney’s desperation to get rid of everything unique to one park. Is it just that they make way more on their seasonal stuff? The orange swirl is my go-to snack there since I’m usually a Disneyland person and love the different experience.

  9. Disney baffles me. “Hey guys! Y’know that Orange Bird character who we successfully revived years ago who sells a lot of merchandise and has now become a beloved icon of the park and appears all over the place? Let’s stop selling the signature treat he’s most associated with. I’m sure no one will care, despite the huge backlash we received last time.”

  10. I’m very disappointed that the citrus swirl has been canceled! This was the only place to get frozen orange juice. This was a staple drink at Magic Kingdom: You can buy the orange swirl and pineapple swirl in multiple places in Disney World. I’ve been going to Disney once a year since the Magic Kingdom opened and this was a treat I would get first thing in the morning and the last thing I would get in the evening!!!So sad and disappointing!!

  11. This is sooooo disappointing!!!! I’m crushed. Such a unique and refreshing treat. I will count down the days until its return!

  12. The citrus swirl was the only reason I went to MK,as it is my least favorite park. Sometimes we’d just go to MK to walk around and get a citrus swirl. Not happy!

  13. The citrus swirl has always been my favorite, if the reason is because orange juice is too expensive then just raise the price, I would rather pay more than not have it at all. If you are taking away the citrus swirl then stop profiting from the orange bird merchandise!

  14. I came down two weeks ago for the 50th, haven’t been there since the 25th. I had heard all about this citrus twist and how amazing it was. I don’t know what I had if people say it’s already gone but I had two of them. I could have eaten six.
    This is a ridiculous move by Disney to remove something so popular, we stood in line for a long time to get it. Very disappointed.

  15. C’est triste de voir disparaitre le Citrus Swirl. C’était une petite douceur vraiment appréciée et tellement rafraichissante. On ne sait jamais…peut-être qu’il sera de retour compte tenu de sa popularité (je me croise les doigts)

  16. 🤯😵‍💫😪 Please bring it back…double the price…whatever it takes…bring that Citrus Swirl Back!!

  17. OK, is this the vanilla soft serve swirled with orange dole whip, or is this something else? I had one less than a month ago at STT and it quickly becasme my favorite Disney Park Treat.

  18. Very disappointing. The Citrus was the staple for the Magic Kingdom. You would think after discontinuing before they won’t do again! I have gotten a citrus swirl on every yearly visit until it was discontinued😢

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