Disney Genie+ No Longer Available in Advance for One-Day Tickets at Walt Disney World

Disney Genie+ will no longer be available to purchase in advance for guests who are looking to purchase one-day tickets at Walt Disney World.

Genie+, the newest paid “Fastpass” system at Disney Parks, has had its fair share of controversy among guests. Now, guests who only want to go to Walt Disney World for one day won’t be able to book Genie+ in advance.

Genie+ currently costs $15 per guest per day at Walt Disney World. If you are looking to purchase a one-day theme park ticket to Walt Disney World and utilize Genie+, Genie+ must be purchased through the My Disney Experience app on the day of your visit. Multi-day tickets, however, can still have Genie+ added on in advance.

Check out our full guide here on how to use Genie+.

How do you feel about this change? Do you ever purchase one-day tickets to Walt Disney World?

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  1. How can i add genius+ to my multi-days ticket already bought ?
    No answer from the client service of Disney

  2. Taking away Genie+ from one day tix is rough considering it is the highest price (per day) ticket available. They’re continuing to alienate every guest.

    1. You can still buy it, just not in advance. Which, at this point, I’m not buying in advance for my 8-day tickets because I don’t want it for every park.

      1. Disney just told me today you can’t buy Genie + at ALL if you are a 1 day ticket holder. and I called twice to be sure I got good information. They also told me that there is nothing on the website to warn people of this recent change…

  3. Doesn’t matter to me because
    1) When I plan trips, it’s never for just one day
    2) literally no matter how long that line is, I’m not buying Genie+. I know half of the people who go do, but I’m not that half.

  4. Disney just keeps raising ticket prices and now adding on to fasspass. Riduculous. We are out of state and its getting beyond worth going to.

  5. Can someone confirm that someone with a one-day ticket can actually buy Genie+ the morning of? I am reading reports of it not being available and this is going to create problems in our upcoming trip if that’s the case.

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