First Look at New Main Street Electrical Parade Finale Float Coming to Disneyland

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First Look at New Main Street Electrical Parade Finale Float Coming to Disneyland

The Main Street Electrical Parade is returning to Disneyland Park for its 50th anniversary this year and the finale float, “To Honor America,” has been redone to instead celebrate diverse Disney stories. Some of the new additions include “Encanto,” “Coco,” and “Aladdin.” A new advertisement for the return of nighttime spectaculars at Disneyland Resort gives us our first look at the float outside of concept art.

Main Street Electrical Parade finale float

The video shows one of the Main Street Electrical Parade finale float segments that will be inspired by “it’s a small world.” The classic smiling face from the “it’s a small world” clock is seen twisting among colorful structures and twinkling lights. The entire finale float is reportedly influenced by the style of Mary Blair. Blair was responsible for the iconic style of “it’s a small world” and more classic Disney imagery.

Main Street Electrical Parade finale concept art

Above is the concept art of the entire seven-segment float. The “it’s a small world” inspired segment is at the very end.

Main Street Electrical Parade will return (again) on April 22, 2022.

Are you excited to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this iconic nighttime parade? Let us know in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “First Look at New Main Street Electrical Parade Finale Float Coming to Disneyland”

  1. So now instead of celebrating America the Country that gave Walt Disney the opportunities and the freedoms to become the Leader in Entertainment NOW it’s more to celebrate the Diversity of WOKE. How Wonderful. 😥😥

    • Why do you guys think Diversity is bad. Times are changing and plus the float may have been damaged in the time between when the pandemic began and now. I am tired of people making it sound bad.

      • No celebration or parade for the park that is actually having its 50th anniversary! Still waiting for that small world update too

      • Times aren’t really changing, America has always been diverse and the flag is already a symbol of “out of many one” (e pluribus unum).

        Why does everything at Disney have to become about marketing movies?
        I don’t understand why the park can’t keep it’s unique rides and attractions.

    • “It’s A Small World” predates the parade and makes more sense than a float more related to the 70s bicentennial celebrations than Disney. No one’s being “woke”. They’re just updating a 50+ year old parade to fit with their corporate brand

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