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Preview the Outdoor Kitchens and Topiaries for EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival

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The full menus for outdoor kitchens at the 2022 EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival were released this morning, and preparation has begun for the festival at EPCOT. Outdoor kitchens are being prepared and new topiaries are blooming.

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After the end of the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts yesterday, many of the booths have new signs that say “coming soon.”

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Northern Bloom is outside the Canada Pavilion.

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flower garden outdoor kitchens 13

We saw the Cider House booth appear last week.

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Fleur De Lys will be in the France Pavilion.

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flower garden prep 3

“Encanto” decorations have been removed from the Vibrante & Vívido booth as it becomes La Isla Fresca, but signs related to “Encanto” remain.

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At the Japan Pavilion is Hanami.

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At The American Adventure is Magnolia Terrace.

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In the Italy Pavilion is Primavera Kitchen.

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Lotus House is at the China Pavilion.

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Bauernmarkt: Farmer’s Market is in the Germany Pavilion.

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mexico flower garden booth 2

Look for Jardin De Fiestas in the Mexico Pavilion.

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EPCOT Farmers Feast is near Test Track.

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No menu boards are available in the park yet.

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The Donut Box has been shuttered before it gets a new menu.

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This Festival Market has new EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival posters outside.

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flower garden prep 15

One features a collection of vegetables and flowers.

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flower garden prep 17

The other poster features Spike the Bee.

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Trowel & Trellis Hosted by Impossible is near Disney Traders.

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Flavor Full Kitchen is near the Imagination! Pavilion.

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Pineapple Promenade is near Port of Entry.

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Citrus Blossom is across from Pineapple Promenade.

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flower garden outdoor kitchens 9
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And of course the Honey Bee-stro will be back.

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epcot topiaries 1

Topiaries of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Huey, Dewey, and Louie can now be seen at the center of the park.

epcot topiaries 0

They are joined by sunflower topiaries.

epcot topiaries 3

Donald and his nephews carry gardening equipment.

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epcot topiaries 9
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epcot topiaries 7
epcot topiaries 8
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epcot topiaries 11

At the beginning of World Showcase is Sorcerer Mickey and other “Fantasia” characters.

epcot topiaries 10

The dancing ostriches are lined up on one side.

epcot topiaries 14
epcot topiaries 12
epcot topiaries 19

Giant flowers are behind the characters.

epcot topiaries 17
epcot topiaries 13
epcot topiaries 15
epcot topiaries 16
epcot topiaries 20

The hippo and alligator are dancing on the other side of Mickey.

epcot topiaries 21
epcot topiaries 22

Mickey is surrounded by figures of the broomsticks, all collecting plants in their water buckets.

epcot topiaries 18
epcot topiaries 27

There are also giant flowers on either side of the World Showcase promenade.

epcot topiaries 28
anna and elsa topiary norway 4

“Frozen” sisters Anna and Elsa welcome guests to the Norway Pavilion.

anna and elsa topiary norway 3

Lots of flowers surround the Anna and Elsa topiaries.

anna and elsa topiary norway 5
anna and elsa topiary norway 2

Elsa’s white-blonde hair and blue eyes shine through in this topiary.

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anna and elsa topiary norway 1

Fun-loving Anna has her cute, reddish-blonde braids.

epcot topiaries 23

In the Germany Pavilion, we found Miss Piggy and Kermit.

epcot topiaries 25

Miss Piggy sits on a pink case, with a pile of pink and purple bags next to her.

epcot topiaries 26

Kermit is riding his bicycle.

epcot topiaries 24
epcot topiaries 30

Lady and the Tramp are front and center in the Italy Pavilion.

epcot topiaries 33

They sit on the courtyard stage, with several pots and planters of red and pink flowers in front of them.

epcot topiaries 31
epcot topiaries 29
epcot topiaries 32

More flowers are behind them.

pluto chipmunks america pavilion topiary 2

The American Adventure Pavilion has a Pluto topiary along with topiary Chip & topiary Dale.

pluto chipmunks america pavilion topiary 3

Lots of flowers surround the three characters.

pluto chipmunks america pavilion topiary 1

Pluto even dons a floral collar for the occasion.

chip dale topiary 2
lion king topiary 9
chip dale topiary 1

Pluto is now surrounded by various terracotta planters.

pooh topiary uk 4

Over in the United Kingdom Pavilion, Pooh and friends have arrived.

pooh topiary uk 2

A confident-looking Tigger stands next to Eeyore with Piglet on the donkey’s back.

pooh topiary uk 3

Eeyore seems unsure about the festival.

pooh topiary uk 5 2

However, Tigger is photo-ready!

pooh topiary uk 6 1

Rabbit carries carrots from his beloved garden.

lion king topiary 4

Along the Imagination walkway, you’ll find a topiary scene from “The Lion King.”

lion king topiary 2

In this iconic opening scene, Rafiki holds baby Simba up for all to see while Mufasa and Sarabi look out at their kingdom.

lion king topiary 3

Mufasa looks particularly regal.

lion king topiary 6

Baby Simba looks cautious and unsure.

lion king topiary 7

Sarabi is excited to share her new cub with Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival visitors.

lion king topiary 8
figment topiary 3

Heading back towards the Journey into Imagination with Figment, the namesake dragon topiary waves to guests.

figment topiary 5
figment topiary 4
figment topiary 1
figment topiary 2

His wings appear to be wooden.

woody and bo peep topiary 2

Woody and his gal Bo Peep are picture-perfect with Bo’s sheep in tow.

woody and bo peep topiary 1

They are surrounded by wooden alphabet block planters.

woody and bo peep topiary 3
woody and bo peep topiary 4

Woody tips his cowboy hat.

woody and bo peep topiary 5

Billy, Goat, and Gruff look on with varying degrees of enthusiasm.

buzz topiary 3
buzz topiary 1

The Buzz Lightyear topiary can (appropriately) be found near Mission: Space.

buzz topiary 2
pumba timon topiary 2

The Pumba and Timon topiaries can be found near The Land.

pumba timon topiary 3

Timon is positioned like he’s presenting Pumba to guests.

pumba timon topiary 4
pumba timon topiary 5

The two friends hang out under the monorail.

pumba timon topiary 1

Pumba has pink accents and wooden tusks.

Which outdoor kitchens are you most looking forward to at the 2022 EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival? Let us know in the comments.

The 2022 EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival begins on March 2.

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