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PHOTOS: Lengthy Refurbishment of Disney’s Yacht Club Resort Continues

We stopped by Disney’s Yacht Club Resort today to check out the current refurbishment project, which will continue until spring 2022.

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It appears as though Disney’s Yacht Club Resort lobby floor needs resurfacing and staining about a year after their extensive remodel.

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Cast Members folded up the giant area rug, and machines for resurfacing the floor were visible.

yacht club lobby work 3

The hallway leading to The Market at Ale & Compass was partially blocked off.

yacht club lobby work 2

Here you can see that the floor is in two different colors.

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yacht club lobby work 6
yacht club lobby work 7

The hallway leading out to the porte-cochère is blocked off from foot traffic.

yacht club lobby work 8

Cloth fencing blocks the automatic doors.

yacht club lobby work 9
yacht club lobby work 10

Cloth fencing also blocks the large staircase in the lobby.

yacht club lobby work 11
yacht club lobby work 12

The two-toned floor looks a bit strange without the rugs.

yacht club lobby rug

This photo from January 2021 shows where the rug sits typically.

yacht club lobby work 13

The front desk is still accessible to guests at this time.

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yacht club lobby work 14
yacht club lobby work 15

A large area rug sits folded up on the floor.

yacht club lobby work 17

They are refinishing the floor in sections with only some of the floor blocked off to keep areas accessible to guests.

Yacht Club Resort Refurbishment

The area previously covered by the rug is darker than the rest of the flooring.

Yacht Club Resort Refurbishment
Yacht Club Resort Refurbishment

We later saw a crew member polishing the golden sections of the lobby doors.

Yacht Club Resort Refurbishment
Yacht Club Resort Refurbishment

The doors have golden handles and plates along the bottom.

Yacht Club Resort Refurbishment
yacht club doors 3
Yacht Club Resort Refurbishment

Paper was taped to the ground for working on the threshold.

Yacht Club Resort Refurbishment

These handles appeared to have already been polished.

Yacht Club Resort Refurbishment
Yacht Club Resort Refurbishment

We recently reported on some work happening outside at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort.

Will the Yacht Club Resort refurbishment impact your trip? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I love the lobby of this resort so much. I can’t wait to stay again once this renovation is done. I like Yacht Club the most compared to Beach Club and Boardwalk. It definitely gives you an old world feel with the dark woodwork, and that globe is everything. The Market is great with a huge selection of food, drinks, and snacks. We were in there every day last time we stayed.

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