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New merchandise from The Chandrila Collection in Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser at Walt Disney World Resort will enhance the role-play vacation experience, allowing guests to dress in character through an assortment of galactic inspired apparel and a

Secondary Market May Indicate Social Media Influencers Are Reselling Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Merchandise from Their Free Media Voyage

Last week, Disney invited influencers and media for an exclusive preview of the upcoming newest resort at Walt Disney World, Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser. The new resort hasn’t even officially opened to guests yet, and exclusive merchandise from the resort is already being resold on eBay.

But media did not have access to the exclusive merchandise — only influencers. Influencers are currently reselling these exclusive lightsabers, droids, and more on eBay.

As you can see below, some items like a lightsaber hilt and an SK-620 droid are listed for sale at just around $1,000 each.

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In this screenshot below, every item in green has been sold. The SK-620 droid sold for $695 and the SK-620 figures sold for $195 each.

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More items have been added in the past twelve hours including a lightsaber sheath and a reflective shield. Whoever is selling these clearly planned on selling them before even deboarding the Halcyon. You can see these photos were taken on one of the cabin beds. There is the hard-to-miss bright orange runner with the Chandrila Star Line emblem.


Disney did set a merchandise limit aboard Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser to two items per cabin on certain merchandise items. But being invited to a media event, and reselling exclusive items just to make a profit, is wrong – especially when real Star Wars fans would have loved this experience and the merchandise.

Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser officially opens to guests this Tuesday, March 1, 2022.

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  1. Wrong?? If I buy something obviously I can do whatever I want with it. If you want to cry about what’s “wrong” how about being honest about what a rip-off the whole thing is. But if you’re honest you won’t get invited back so instead we get this drivel. Sorry they didn’t let you make any money on eBay but sour grapes isn’t a good look…

  2. That’s rich coming from a site caught reselling magic bands. At least don’t use the photos from your articles in your eBay post.

  3. Good for them. Chapek monetizes everything, why can’t the YouTubers? And this gives those who want this stuff, but can’t afford to set foot in the Starcruiser, an opportunity to buy it. The Starcruiser is every single thing promised to us at D23 for Galaxy’s Edge, behind a $6k ransom. A very hard no from me. YT is now saturated with these vlogger videos – it ended up cheapening the whole experience for us, and I’m sure many others. The costumes on the captain willy wonka and the singer look tacky actually. Oh well, time will tell. I’ll bet $6k this ‘hotel’ will be closed by the end of 2022.

  4. They could easily be tracked. Disney should “buy” the items and once they knew who is reselling it ban them for life.

  5. I feel someone should let IRS know of the items influencers received and make sure they pay taxes on the capital gains. That might help prevent this.

  6. I am pissed. We were one of the first ones to book the cruise and we paid in full. I remember when the Disney agent started telling me I could pay the deposit first and then make partial payments and not realizing I am a corporate travel agent myself and I replied .. NO, IN FULL THANK YOU. We were also part of the extras that are on the videos but we swore secrecy for this and we were ok with that… we even knew all of the merchandise in the store and the items are way cheaper than those EBAY PRICES. …but this whole thing RUBS ME in the wrong way and I wish to say how wrong Disney has gotten this.
    First, Disney gave these Scumbags a free ride while we paid IN FULL FROM DAY ONE for a party of 4 in a suite (our choice).
    Second, why did they allow them to purchase merchandise knowing that they could be selling those items for huge profit on EBay? Why Disney why? It kills me. We play by the book and now we feel truly betrayed by DISNEY. You did not have to offer them a free ride and much less access to the store. Are you going to provides us now a discount? You should and I ask for it!

  7. I guess Disney did not do a good job at screening the influencers they hired, er I mean, invited for a trip on the Starcruiser.

  8. Who ever is buying them is HILARIOUS. Think about how much merch will be circulating in just a few weeks these things aren’t rare it’s just not technically on sale yet😂

  9. If Disney finds out who is selling this, they’ll never get invited back. We were told when we were Magic Kingdom parade grand marshals that if they every caught us selling our mouse ears on ebay that they would stop it. Not sure how they can do it but it’s a billion dollar company, so I’d rather not poke the bear, errr… mouse.

  10. This does not surprise me because “Influenzas” don’t really have a stable source of income so I’m sure they will pawn all the crap they stole and price gauge the shinola out of it. I’m not sure Disney is bothered anyway, they have Billions and if anything this is a free media stunt giving them even more PR.

  11. “especially when real Star Wars fans would have loved this experience and the merchandise.”

    No real stars fan would go to a overpaid 2 night only theater for 6k

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