Spaceship Earth leaked concept 2

Concept Art Leaks for Possibly Abandoned Overhaul of Spaceship Earth Attraction at EPCOT

More concept art for the delayed (and possibly abandoned) reimagining of Spaceship Earth at EPCOT has emerged. These were shared from an anonymous source on the WDWMagic forums.

Spaceship Earth leaked concept 3

This image shows a glowing Spaceship Earth with ride vehicles moving in front of it, likely for the top of the attraction when vehicles begin their descent.

Spaceship Earth leaked concept 2

This shows a fiber optic forest of trees lit up like lightning, with the ride vehicles moving through them.

Spaceship Earth leaked concept 1

This 3-D model also seems to show the attraction’s descent below colorful waves.

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vacationeer TopBarAD2020 v2
Spaceship Earth leaked concept 4

The above image is a collage of different designs by the artist — only the images in the top left and bottom right are of Spaceship Earth. The top left looks like a tunnel of starry circles. At the bottom right is simply a blue outline of Spaceship Earth. Next to it is a child with an array of celestial bodies in a line above him.

The reimagining of Spaceship Earth is indefinitely delayed but may still happen. If it does, it will likely be different from what was originally planned and may not include any of these concepts.

spaceship earth reimagining concept art

Above is official concept art previously shared by Disney of a reimagining of the Egypt scene.

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  1. Last I heard they started working on it again. Who knows if it will be like in the concept art.

  2. With any luck we may see these changes by 2028 after they are done playing in the Moana dirt pile.

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