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REVIEW: All the Snacks Available at the Sublight Lounge on the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

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In the Sublight Lounge on Deck 6 of the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, passengers can find alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages available for an additional charge. However, we also tried all of the snacks included with your voyage!


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The front page of the menu bears the Chandrila Star Line logo.

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Smoked Redfish Littletubes

Felucian Gardenleaf and Redfish Roe

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Redfish are native to Amfar, an aquatic tourist destination only mentioned in passing in a few “Legends”-era novels and a video game.

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This dish was reminiscent of a whitefish salad. It had a cream cheese consistency in a mini cannoli tube, with white and black sesame seeds and ikura.

SWGS Sublight Lounge Snacks 6

This dish was a nice salty bar snack and something out of the ordinary. It’s a little fishy but tasty. The littletubes came on a bed of seaweed salad that was also tasty.

Mustafar Tuber Chips

Dusted with Sriracha and Charcoal Vinegar

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Mustafar is the lava planet on which Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker have their climactic duel in “Revenge of the Sith.”

The chips were a highlight. They were excellent, and best of all, freshly prepared. The Sriracha crumbs were nicely spicy.

swgs mustafar tuber chips 3

The dipping sauce was a spicy, tangy mayonnaise-based sauce (which reminded us of an aioli). The dipping sauce wasn’t anything special, but it complemented the chips nicely.

Crispy-dried Green Beans

Served with Creamy Green Pearberry Dip

swgs crispy dried green beans 1

Green pearberry is the galactic term for avocado.

swgs crispy dried green beans 3

To borrow a line from Darth Vader, the green beans were impressive… most impressive. They were pretty crunchy and not stale-tasting at all.

On the other hand, the dipping sauce wasn’t great. We recommend also getting the smoked cheese en cloche so that you can dip the beans in the cheese instead.

Little Flatbread

Pepperoni and Herb-Vinegar Sauce

SWGS Sublight Lounge Snacks 7

The little flatbread consists of a thick, fluffy dough topped with tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and sun-dried tomatoes.

SWGS Sublight Lounge Snacks 8

The flatbread comes topped with a chimichurri sauce.

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The ingredients all have good flavors, but it’s quite oily, which detracted from our enjoyment of the dish.

SWGS Sublight Lounge Snacks 10

Smoked Cheese en Cloche

White cheddar with bacon and jalapeño crusted in dried cheddar, black goat cheese crusted in pumpkin seeds, and smoked gouda with crushed pistachios

swgs smoked cheese en cloche 2

The cheese balls are fantastic. The smoked gouda is the best of the three, with a nice smoky flavor.

The black goat tasted more like blue cheese. The pumpkin seeds were an odd choice, though, and didn’t work with the cheese at all.

The white cheddar with bacon was good, though we couldn’t taste the jalapeños at all.

swgs smoked cheese en cloche 3

All three kinds of cheese weren’t as intensely flavored as we would’ve thought.

The Lavash crackers that came with the cheese tasted rather stale. But we recommend dipping them in the cheese rather than the red dip.

The red relish-like dip with the cheese was a miss. It tasted like a pepper/tomato dip, but it wasn’t flavorful. Pass on it.

Hummus and Quinoa “Meatballs”

Pepper Stew with Chickpea Bites

SWGS Sublight Lounge Snacks 14

The hummus did not have your typical creamy consistency.

SWGS Sublight Lounge Snacks 15

Instead, we found it dry and a bit grainy, but it did have a nice mild hummus flavor with a good use of spices.

SWGS Sublight Lounge Snacks 16

The roasted vegetables were delicious, and they completed the hummus nicely.

SWGS Sublight Lounge Snacks 17

Felucian Snack Bites

swgs felucian snack bites 2

Ultimately, this was just a kicked-up trail mix.

swgs felucian snack bites 3

It included almonds, cherries, toasted chickpeas, pepitas, dried cherries, and dried mango pieces, salted with a little bit of pepper (probably cayenne).

They were distributing it quite generously. So, if you’re looking for something sweet and salty, this will probably do the trick.

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