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Experience the Launch Pod to ‘Space’ for the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

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To kickstart the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser adventure, guests board a launch pod that will transport them from Earth to the Halcyon in a galaxy far, far away. This article will contain spoilers for the experience.

SWGS Entering the terminal

After checking in outside the Starcruiser Terminal, guests are directed to enter to proceed through security.

After security, passengers are shown a brief safety video explaining the difference between an actual emergency and an in-story emergency on the ship. Safety procedures, including exiting in an actual emergency, are shown.

SWGS Safety Video 2
SWGS Safety Video 4
SWGS Safety Video 8
SWGS Safety Video 9
SWGS Safety Video 10
SWGS Safety Video 11

During fake emergencies that are part of the story, an alarm will be accompanied by red lighting and show elements. Crew members will guide guests to the designated areas (where the story will continue).

SWGS Safety Video 12
SWGS Safety Video 13

In a real emergency, a different alarm will be accompanied by emergency lights. All show lighting and effects will be disabled. Following the alarm is a pre-recorded message that clearly states, “This is a real emergency. This is not a drill or part of the show.”

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SWGS Safety Video 14
SWGS Safety Video 1
SWGS Elevator 3

After the video, we boarded an elevator (known as a turbolift in the Star Wars universe) to head to the loading bay for our launch pod.

SWGS Elevator 4
SWGS Elevator 1
Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Launch Pod art

Pictured above is art of the launch pod’s exterior as seen in “Star Wars: Halcyon Legacy #1.”

Watch our full video of the safety video, the launch pod journey, and our arrival on the Halcyon below.

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