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First Mobile Statues Added to Gardens of Wonder in Disneyland Paris for 30th Anniversary

Ten “Gardens of Wonder” are coming to Disneyland Paris to celebrate the park’s 30th anniversary later this year. Each garden will have a different theme, and in total there will be thirty abstract mobile statues representing different Disney characters. Statues have been added to the first four gardens, which surround Sleeping Beauty Castle at the center of the park.

gardens of wonder 1
Source: DLP Report

DLP Report shared photos and videos of the new statues on Twitter. Here is Maleficent, right in front of the castle, in the villains garden.

gardens of wonder 4
Source: DLP Report

This uses her iconic cloak silhouette and tendrils of metal fire for a striking statue.

gardens of wonder 5
Source: DLP Report

Peeking out of her cloak is her dragon form.

gardens of wonder 2
Source: DLP Report

The Ursula statue has her surrounded by green strips of metal representing water, seaweed, and Flotsam and Jetsam.

gardens of wonder 3
Source: DLP Report

The Jafar statue just uses his face, instead of his full body, with his snake-shaped staff sticking out of the top. Watch DLP Report’s video below.

gardens of wonder 6
Source: DLP Report

Near Casey’s Corner is a garden with Dumbo, Cheshire Cat, and Winnie the Pooh characters. The base of the Dumbo mobile has circus stripes, and the crows from the film circle around Dumbo and Timothy Q. Mouse.

gardens of wonder 7
Source: DLP Report

The Cheshire Cat is upside down with a flower face above him.

gardens of wonder 8
Source: DLP Report

Winnie the Pooh and Tigger are in an umbrella floating on circles of metal water. Tigger’s holding a kite and birds fly around them.

gardens of wonder 9
Source: DLP Report

In a space-themed garden is this statue of Stitch hanging off a palm tree. The base resembles a beach with surfboards, and is surrounded by water-like pieces.

gardens of wonder 10
Source: DLP Report

Next to Stitch is a mobile of Eve from “WALL-E.” She spins opposite Earth above a silvery ball.

gardens of wonder 11
Source: DLP Report

Another space-themed mobile features three of the green aliens from the “Toy Story” franchise spinning around a gold pole in their spaceships.

None of the mobiles are currently operating, but we’ll definitely see them in action on March 6, when the celebration officially begins.

gardens of wonder 12
Source: DLP Report

The final garden that has been set up is water-themed. Ariel is surrounded by water-like pieces and fish on sticks.

gardens of wonder 13
Source: DLP Report

Nemo, Marlin, and Dory peek out of a purple anemone on this mobile statue. It is surrounded by seaweed pieces and other fish.

gardens of wonder 14
Source: DLP Report

Finally, there is a Moana-themed statue that draws inspiration more from her sailing boat, with the hear of Te Fiti carved into the sails and a swirl of water below it.

Take a look at the Cinderella statue, which Cast Members got to preview in January, and some of the statues when they were under construction.

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