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Florida House Votes to Dissolve the Reedy Creek Improvement District

After the Florida Senate voted in favor of dissolving the Reedy Creek Improvement District of Walt Disney World yesterday, the Florida House of Representatives has now approved the bill.

The house voted 70-38 on the bill to dissolve special districts established before 1968. The Reedy Creek Improvement District was established in 1967, though other districts would be affected by the bill too.

According to a Florida statute, the bill must be approved by the residents of a special district.

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Governor Ron DeSantis is expected to sign the bill into law considering he expanded the Legislature’s special session to include it. He has been targeting Disney since they came out against the Parental Rights in Education, a.k.a. “Don’t Say Gay,” bill.

Read our breakdown of what may happen if the Reedy Creek Improvement District is dissolved.

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  1. Saratoga Springs, Old Key West, and Disney Springs are located within Reedy Creek. How will this impact those locations?

    1. Not sure what your “Haha” comment means, but if this were to go through tax payers int hose two counties could be billed a special assessment tax up to $3,000 per household!
      And going forward they will foot the bill for all of the roads, canals, emergency services, etc. within Disney World. There are over 130 miles of WDW (Reedy Creek) roads and 50 miles canals alone.

      The point is that is does not make it better for anyone or somehow give back taxpayers money – Just the opposite! It also takes away Disney’s ability to manage and build Disney World without some input form taxpayers and local government. You may think that is good, but in reality they have managed their land over the last 50 years better than most other communities all over Florida.

      So there is ZERO benefit to anyone! This is a “lose-lose” for everyone.

  2. Ouch…damage is setting in with a plummeting stock price. Unhappy shareholders = major changes coming soon. Just saying…..

  3. Love it! Get “woke”… go broke! Disney deserves everything they get for sacrificing their values and morality in favor of catering to a small group of miserable people.

  4. People need to understand there will be net effect to taxpayers of Orange and Osceola counties. Yes, the counties will assume RCID debt (liabilities) but they will also be able to collect on the TONS of tax revenue WDW produces (assets). The only loser is here is Disney, who will have to now seek permission from the counties and taxpayers to build roadways, resorts, etc. But that’s what they get for dabbling in politics and over-reaching into FL state government affairs. I don’t pity Disney.

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