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President Biden Condemns Republicans & Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Over Attacks on Disney and Reedy Creek Improvement District

At a Democratic National Committee fundraiser on Thursday, President Joe Biden spoke briefly about the ongoing clash between the Walt Disney Company and The Florida Legislature, according to The Hill.

200820 joe biden speech dnc ac 1142p

The President, speaking at a fundraiser in Seattle, said “I respect conservatives. There’s nothing conservative about deciding you’re going to throw Disney out of its present posture because, Mickey Mouse? In fact, do you think we should not be able to say, you know, ‘gay’?”

“I mean, what’s going on here? What the hell is going on? And it’s just, it’s so, I don’t believe it’s where the vast majority of the American people are,” Biden said.  

“It’s mean. It’s ugly. It’s the way — look what’s happening down in Florida,” Biden said. “Christ, they’re going after Mickey Mouse,” he added.

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The dispute between Disney and the Florida Legislature escalated further today when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed the bill to dissolve the Reedy Creek Improvement District.

The relationship between Gov. DeSantis and The Walt Disney Company has rapidly soured since the controversial Parental Rights in Education bill, commonly known as “Don’t Say Gay”, was denounced by CEO Bob Chapek in early March.

Following the denunciation, the relationship between the Florida Governor and CEO Bob Chapek has grown to adversarial jabs between the two through statements. DeSantis first issued a mild and brief statement regarding Chapek’s comments at the shareholder meeting before he slammed Disney for being “too woke” a few days after the initial statement. The jabs between the two escalated as DeSantis signaled his receptiveness to terminating the Reedy Creek Improvement District early this month, which (in simple terms) allows Disney to control its own public utilities and zoning regulations, among many other powers. His threats escalated to action this week as he called a special legislative session to dissolve the district.

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  1. Say what you will about Biden but I think his heart is in the right place as he does question the craziness of this.

    Perhaps the issue is due to his methods but I think he really does want to help. Sometimes these decisions that seem bad are done with good intentions in mind, whether they work or not. I think people need to realize that and give him some slack.

    Maybe he can sort this out. Quick, write a letter to him about it.

  2. Please, Disney, and all other mega corporations, stay out of politics!

    Bob Chapek and his political agenda driven management fools have raised prices, delivered products and services that are often lacking and cost billions of dollars in needless losses. This has damaged many customers’ faith in the company and negatively impacted many Americans’ retirement savings investments. Please stop it!

    1. Plus the speech seemed to be more focused on Robert’s actions that lead to the mess in the first place.

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