Disney Company CEO Bob Chapek Botches Walt Disney World Tagline During Indiana University Commencement Speech

Indiana University alumnus and CEO of The Walt Disney Company, Bob Chapek, spoke during the IU-Bloomington undergraduate commencement ceremony on May 7, 2022, and without surprise, we have another interesting quote from the controversial executive.

During his speech, Chapek mistakenly called Walt Disney World “The Happiest Place on Earth”. Of course those reading this site know that Disneyland Resort is “The Happiest Place on Earth”, while Walt Disney World is “The Most Magical Place on Earth”. This seems especially hard to forget given the ongoing “World’s Most Magical Celebration” which reflects the famous tagline, something you might expect the Disney CEO, especially one who led the Parks & Resorts division for years, to know.

Would you like to have Disney CEO Bob Chapek speak at your commencement ceremony? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Smh. Not Surprised.
    I correct friends all the time, but I expect it from them. Not from a friggin Disney CEO.
    C’mon Disney.

  2. This either shows his inscrutable ignorance or that he simply doesn’t care. Either way, he needs to go!

    1. My thinking exactly. He just doesn’t care. All he cares about is his huge salary and monster bonuses.

  3. Seems minor to most. But to those of us Disney Diehards, it really is an embarrasing unforced error.
    The guy really is an idiot.

  4. Ugh. He doesn’t care about Disney or the history of this great company. Or Walt’s legacy. Or the hardworking families who visited that are getting nickel and dimed. I hope he’s gone soon.

  5. It irritates me whenever I hear someone refer to WDW as the “happiest place on earth”, but it’s inexcusable for the CEO to make that mistake.

  6. I live in FL my entire life, been to Disney maybe 30 times and literally always hear it called the happiest place on earth.

  7. Stock is at $110. Disney has lost 45% of it value in two months. This woke clown will be gone with the wind soon.

  8. To answer the question posed in the article. No, I would not like to have “Disney CEO” Bob Paycheck speak at my commencement ceremony.

  9. He replaced all of Iger‘s veteran and experienced lieutenants. The new people around him don’t know what the heck they’re doing. That’s one reason Disney got in trouble in Florida – the response was not the measured deliberate thoughtful and strategic answer that a veteran corporate affairs official would recommend.

  10. The only event at which I’d like to hear Bob Chapek speak is his retirement ceremony. And the sooner the better.

  11. C’mon guys. He was just trying not to call it “The Most Profitable Place On Earth,” so he’s trying!

  12. As another poster said, Chapek is a clown. While that is true, all the kerfuffle about what he said at the commencement speech is a bit too much of ‘trainspotting’ (overly focussed on insignificant details). We’re diehard fans, and we get stuff wrong all the time. He’s allowed the same leeway, or at least should be. Remember folks, not everyone is like us, and we ourselves vary greatly in degrees of fandom, as well. Overall, he needs to go as the boss, but this slip, if it can even be categorized as that, is incredibly small potatoes compared to his larger gaffes and gross mismanagement of the company as a whole.

  13. Could it have been worse…yes, he could have accidentally said WDW is the land of ’57 varieties’ (Heinz…a former employer).

  14. He made the error because he does not care to know the difference! Bob Chapek is the biggest Disney disappointment since I was aware of such things. Disney needs a person that has the same level of dedication as its most loyal guests. If he is not able to provide it, then it was his responsibility to find, employ, and enable those that would….and then get out of their way. Instead he insists his will upon the guest experience (or as he would call it, the consumer spending opportunity) almost as if spite is his motivation.

  15. I thought the tagline for WDW was.. “The Vacation Kingdom of the World.” Was that ever a tagline for WDW?

  16. Board, Stockholders, Presidente, give early retirement ASAP to Bob, before he destroy completely Disney and the value as a brand (Will) in the stock market.
    He should’ve have done his work as a CEO and not open his mounth as a politician (he is the worst).
    He is making that Disney will lost all the concessions that makes Disney so unique.
    I’d you need a CEO that loves Disney, contact me.

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