Disney World Cast Members Now Required to Ask Guests If They Will Use Disney Visa Card at Checkout

Walt Disney World Cast Members are now required to ask each guest if they will be using a Disney Visa Rewards Card upon checkout.

The new procedure seems to have begun this weekend, according to the Cast Members we spoke with. While guests may encounter Cast Members who forget or have not been trained in the new policy yet, we expect to see this become the standard across property.

The exact reason for the change is unknown, but we would assume it is to raise awareness of the availability of the credit card.

How do you feel about this new policy at Walt Disney World? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I don’t see this as much of an issue. Back in the dark ages when I worked at RadioShack, we had to ask if it was going on their RS card and if they said no we had to ask about signing up for one. That seems to be pretty standard practice in most places with any kind of store credit card so I think just asking about Disney Visa rather than cash or card is really low end.

  2. I just got back from my week in WDW & I was asked this by only a few of the CM while others did not. I think it has to do with the way they process the payment because I also used a regular gift card & the CM pressed some buttons on her screen before I could swipe the gift card. Personally it doesn’t bother me if they ask what method I will be paying in.

    1. To encourage people to get a Disney Visa Rewards card. If you say no, you can probably sign up for one during the transaction if you want. Same reason cashiers at Kohl’s ask if you’ll be using your Kohl’s charge card, or cashiers at Target ask if you’ll be using your Target Red card, etc.

    2. I just got back from Disneyland, and I’m guessing it’s because of the potential discount. If I had spent enough for the discount, and hadn’t forewarned, it seemed that if they were already on the total screen, they had to back out to add the discount, then go back. Although they just asked if I had “any discounts,” so it may not be just that. I’m guessing probably a combo of that and awareness, like the article speculates.

  3. Well I have a Disney Visa card and use it for all purchases in property- including link to Magic Band- but why?

  4. Cast members could start a genuine conversation, which increases the connection (i.e. the magic) while guests check out. But now they are forced to shill for a credit card company. At Target (do you want to pay with your Target card?), most people just ignore them, as part of the background noise. The same will happen here. From an opportunity for magic to a minor annoyance. These policies ignore the larger picture of what Disney should actually deliver, turning customer away, in exchange for finding a few pennies lying on the ground.

  5. I’m OK with this, as long as the next question after the customer says “no” is NOT “Would you like to apply, it only takes a few minutes?” I’ve had horrible experiences getting stuck behind people applying for cards at other retailers, I really hope Disney doesn’t do this.

  6. I haven’t heard that yet. I’m going into Epcot’s Art of Disney shop in an hour to park hop and I’ll listen for it.

  7. When we were at WDW last month we were asked at pretty much all of the merchandise venues. One cast member told me it was so she could add the discount (done manually). Of course, you only get the discount if over $50, so assume if under $50, it is for visability and potentially to get you to use it.

    1. I don’t feel them asking about thr Disney Visa is a big deal. Frankly, I’m surprised it’s only now being added into the every day verbiage. Other companies with a branded card do the same thing. The biggest ones that come to mind are Target and Macy’s, and it doesn’t distract us or stop us from shopping there.

    1. Many people handle credit cards responsibly and utilize their benefits wisely. Next year we are taking a 15 day vacation to hawaii… without needing to pay for airfare or hotels thanks to the points earned. We have not paid for flights in ten years due to points. Disney visa card members also are able to have six months same as cash for their disney vacation packages, 10% off at several disney restaurants, 10% off at many disney gift shops and free photo with characters.

  8. Dear Walt Disney World,

    You are no longer the happiest place on earth. And that is sad. Very, very sad.

    Just sayin’

  9. We have the Disney Visa Card. But we rarely use it because the reward value is inferior to other credit cards. We looked at upgrading to the premium, but did not feel we would recover the annual fee, let alone get ahead. We’ll continue to use our higher reward card.

  10. As I don’t reside in the US I can’t apply for one. Being asked if I’m using one to pay every time is going to become extremely irritating.

  11. If using the card will give me an additional discount, I will use it. But then again, If you are charging everything to your room, it will go straight to your main bill, so you better use your Disney visa card to pay for those charges…… Question is, will I get th additional discount if charged to my room???

  12. Each time a guest uses a Disney credit card there is a financial benefit to Disney as they have no doubt negotiated a lower merchant fee (paid by the vendor to the card issuer) when their branded card is used within the parks, also the interest rate on such cards is generally higher due to the commercial arrangements between the brand (Disney) and the card issuer. No doubt Mr. Chapek is keen to get as many of these cards into circulation and used as often as possible to keep the dollars rolling in!! Effectively cast members are now soft marketing the cards for the comapny – let’s hope they get good commission.

  13. I wasn’t asked at Epcot’s Art of Disney yesterday, but I have noticed that every single purchase I’ve made on this trip they’ve always asked if I had AP or DVC discounts. In all the trips up to this one you had to tell them you had the discount before adding it.

  14. I have had a Disney Visa Card for almost 20 years. Its always nice to use free money from Disney rewards.
    I’m glad that the cast members ask because sometimes you forget to use it

  15. My Chase Disney card is my main credit card. As I earn Disney rewards and get a discount with when shopping Disney, I appreciate the ask. From a merchant perspective, asking if a guest is using their Disney Visa BEFORE checkout reduces time in line as the discount for using it can be applied at the time of purchase.

  16. I have grown so skeptical of all changes done on Chapek’s watch, that I can’t help but wonder if Chase has offered WDC a financial incentive for the patter.

    To me it’s a further cheapening of the park experience. What’s next, a question on resort check-in “Will you be parking your Chevrolet with us, proud sponsors of Test Track?”, or being queried as you enter the Main Street Confectionery “Would you care to try some delicious M&Ms or Reese’s Cups today?”

  17. We get enough of that at Department stores we shop at. Yet another Disney decision that makes me shake my head in disappointment.

  18. I’m currently sitting on property. I have yet to hear this, and I’ve been here for a couple days. What I do hear is “card or card?” And if I answer with card, the response is “Disney Visa?” Or some variant of that. Been that way for the last two years.

  19. Doesn’t seem like a big deal. I get asked almost the same thing at Lowes, Home Depot, Menards.

  20. Not a big deal. Probably meant to remind you that you have it. Just like asking “ cash or charge”.

  21. Disney Visa Card holders get a discount just for using the card at some locations. I am glad they are asking because I sometimes forget to mention it.

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