New Jersey Brothers Get Drunk and Kicked Out of EPCOT, Flee Across Crescent Lake Resorts

The trouble started at the pub in the United Kingdom pavilion at EPCOT. It ended with two New Jersey brothers in jail and plenty of Disney guests frightened by the chaos they witnessed at the Most Magical Place on Earth.


The Orange County Sheriff’s report said a group of four guests were acting disorderly in the pub so they were cut off from alcohol just after 9 p.m. on April 19.

In response, the guests cursed at Cast Members and caused a scene, leading Disney security to ask them to leave.

Among them was Christian Gedell, 24, whose behavior got him singled out in the sheriff’s report.
Christian Gedell cursed at a Disney security manager and threatened to punch him.

The security manager radioed for an Orange County sheriff’s deputy for help as the group headed out of EPCOT.

“I met Security at the exit of the International Gateway, where I saw a female and another male holding Christian Gedell back from running back inside the park,” the deputy wrote. “Christian was yelling and cursing causing other [guests including] small children to run away from him.”
His brother, Robert Gedell, kept apologizing on Christian’s behalf.

Disney security wanted Christian Gedell out and gave the group instructions on how to get an Uber at a nearby hotel.

“Christian continued to scream profanities the entire time and had to be held back by the other people in his party,” the sheriff’s report said.

It was clear Christian’s antics were upsetting Disney-goers.

“While walking up a guest approached us advising he was upset how Christian was talking like that in front of kids and wanted to do something. At the same time [another] guest came up stating, ‘Do something please, do something please,’” the sheriff’s report said. “Christian Gedell’s actions of running, screaming, and yelling profanities were causing hotel [guests] to run away from him.”
Christian Gedell didn’t follow the instructions where to catch an Uber. His next move was to run away on Disney property.

Disney security found Christian Gedell and the group behind Jellyrolls Dueling Piano Bar on Disney’s BoardWalk.

The deputy waiting for backup asked Christian Gedell for his name. Christian responded by swearing at the deputy and telling the deputy he wanted to go to jail.

“The female in the party held onto him and kept him from running towards me,” the deputy wrote in the report.

More law-enforcement officials arrived on the scene and “Christian Gedell threw the female who he was with to the ground with such force I heard her body smack off the pavement. He then took flight on foot pushing past a fully uniformed Disney security guard. I and the other deputies ran after him giving verbal commands to stop running.”

Christian Gedell ran down the sidewalk and onto the grass where he fell on an embankment. He got up but then he fell down a second time on the sidewalk where authorities caught up to him.
“I grabbed his legs while the other deputies attempted to grab his arms to secure them. He thrashed his arms around and grabbed the gate by the sidewalk to obstruct the Deputy Sheriff’s from securing him in handcuffs,” the arrest report said.

Finally, Christian Gedell, who was bleeding from his falls, was in handcuffs. He refused to get into a marked vehicle so authorities had to lift him up and carry him into the truck, the report added.
Soon the deputies had another problem: Christian’s brother.

“Robert Gedell walked up on all deputies yelling, ‘Where is my brother going to be taken?’ Robert was told multiple times to back up and to calm down. Robert continued to be belligerent, and not listening to deputies on scene,” said the report.

Robert Gedell, 32, was told to leave the BoardWalk area and Disney property or he would be arrested for trespass. He was escorted back to the Walt Disney World Swan Hotel, which is not owned by Disney.

But ten minutes later, Robert Gedell was back at Disney’s BoardWalk, trying to find out where Christian was. That’s when Robert was arrested, too.

Robert Gedell pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor trespassing charge while Christian Gedell pleaded not guilty to resisting an officer without violence, trespassing, and disorderly conduct, all misdemeanor charges, according to Orange Circuit Court records.

The attorney representing the two brothers did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

It’s at least the second known time a pair of New Jersey siblings got in trouble at Disney World this year. We wrote about two New Jersey sisters who got in a drunk brawl that involved public nudity at Disney Springs.

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  1. Report doesn’tseem to specify they were from New Jersey. Could they have been “transplants”, as half of Florida is from New Jersey? =P

  2. Christian was the wrong name for that guy. With all the liquor and lounges on Disney property ,they have to expect people with no self control. They should have used a stun gun on Christian. I bet security and law enforcement got tore up subduing him. Too bad that his brother did not heed warning.

  3. Who. Cares.

    Things like this have been going on for years and go on every day. Welcome to working in hospitality. Human beings are weird creatures and do stupid things and when you house them for any amount of time you absolutely will experience these types of situations.

    1. Unbelievable. Over 30 years old and acting like drunken adolescents. I’m sure their friends and family and patents must be so proud of these two. Do they even realize or care how idiotic they look to the world?

  4. It part the fault of Disney, they allow to much alcohol on property! The amount of promoting booze in all the parks is ridiculous !

    1. While it is true that these sort of drunk incidents have been happening for years, Disney should really address it as it causes a PR nightmere for them as well as poor guest experiences (for others who have to witness it). I’m not opposed to alcohol on property but I think it should be limited to restaurants and not easily accessible at nearly every corner of the park. Personally, I’d be real pissed if I dropped 10K on a vacation to witness that.

    2. I agree. Too much alcohol will always bring the jerks out. I think they should limit people to 4 drinks via a stamp or something.

  5. This isn’t part the Disney’s fault this is all Disney’s fault for allowing alcohol to be served to guest inside Disney parks. This is not what Walt started he had a place for alcohol to be served away from children and families and that was called Club 33 now alcohol is available in all the parks right in front of children. And why is Disney allowing alcohol to be served in all their parks because they know alcohol brings in a whole lot of revenue. The United States is the leader in alcohol consumption in the world! What a great number one list to be on. Why weren’t these two arrested and removed from Disney property not just take them out of the park and let him run Walt Disney world is all private property. It just shows where this world is going when you allow alcohol to run your life. This world needs Jesus Christ more than ever is the only one that can save you from hell. John 3:16

  6. What I take from this article is these brothers really went out of their way to get arrested! You really do get a whole lot of “benefit of the doubt” as a Disney guest that you otherwise wouldn’t get anywhere else.

    Just as a helpful warning to any out-of-state folks: Crime and punishment is taken a lot more seriously here than in many more liberal places in the U.S. like L.A., S.F., N.Y.C., Seattle, or other places with progressive district attorneys. You will most likely suffer real and serious consequences for misbehaving in Florida.

    1. Unless you disobey a police dispatcher when they insteuct you to go home, follow an unarmed person, and end up shooting them in “self defense”. Or if you break the law by withholding foreign aid, and incite a mob to rush the Capitol building. Then you’ll be a Florida Hero.

  7. It is a real shame that two young men from New Jersey acted the way that they did. I am from New Jersey and my family is extremely respectful. Obviously their family did not raise them very well. Hopefully, they are ashamed by their behavior. Because now everyone on this blog,is now assuming that people from New Jersey are lowlifes. Again I will say that their family did not raise them to be responsible or respectful. Being drunk is no excuse for extremely inappropriate behavior. Especially on a Disney property where there are children.

  8. The both of them should have been hog-tied and then tossed in the nearby lake to fend for themselves as they were both idiots and should be banned from the resort. Disney workers should not have to put up with this nonsense. Being a NJ resident it is disappointing to hear stories like this, but believe me we are not all like these two clowns.


  10. I have two comments;

    1) it says he fell down in a magnet, which means next to the water. So if the Gators didn’t even want him, he must have really been stinking drunk.

    2) this is precisely why Walt Disney forbid alcohol in his parks. The current woke management thinks that they know better in spite of this kind of disaster, but of course they don’t, which is precisely why they never would have been able to work at Disney when Walt was alive.

    In conclusion, this kind of thing is going to be happening more and more until the current work Management is removed. It’s just like New York City. It was a mess of crime and prostitution until Rudy Giuliani became mayor, and he cleaned it up it did a great job. But now, with the current world leadership in New York city, it’s descending into the abyss once again. The left loves to falsely accuse great people in order to silence them, but it’s what Jesus said “men love darkness rather than the light because their deeds are evil.” (Gospel of John)

  11. disney needs to limit the amount of alcohol that is served, i dont even care if children are present or not, im a full grown adult and i dont want some drunken idiot stumbling around and acting a fool while im trying to enjoy my experience.
    ive seen far too many incidents during epcot festivals, and drunken girls nearly passed out in bathrooms, its not cool.
    take advantage of magic band technology and use that to limit alcohol purchases.
    too bad disney will never take that into consideration because booze is $$$.

  12. For everyone blaming Disney and serving alcohol, seriously?? God forbid people practice some self responsibility. If you take the number of people that visit Disney compared to the number of alcohol related incidents the percentage is very LOW. Blame the drunks not the parks.

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