New Scene in Fantasmic! at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Replacing Pocahontas

As we reported earlier, Disney has confirmed details of the new scene coming to Fantasmic! when it returns to Disney’s Hollywood Studios later this year. We now know that in order to add the new scene, the “Pocahontas” scene will be replaced.

While Pocahontas will be included in the new scene, the medley of scenes from the animated film will likely be mostly or entirely removed. Instead, Mulan, Elsa, Aladdin, Pocahontas, and Moana will be depicted “in heroic moments” with new technical enhancements.

The former version of the show features just under five minutes of “Pocahontas.” It’s safe to assume that with the addition of four more characters, Pocahontas’ time in the spotlight will be shortened.

You can watch our full video of Fantasmic! at Disney’s Hollywood Studios below. The “Pocahontas” scene begins at 11:53.

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  1. Well this is going to be interesting. To be fair other scenes in all versikn have combined multiple franchises as well like the Tokyo Disneyland version which combined both the Jungle Book and Lion King versions form the other parts. So hopefully it might be good.

  2. They will regret all this change one day… people will leave because they will lose their originality Disney is as American as apple Pie it must remain that way. We have a history here of bad and good things that need to be forever shown and taught not hidden. Shame on this, I still love you Disney but enough is enough why is every park becoming the same IP characters copy and paste ..

    1. What are you even saying?? Dude, a lot of over-the-top analysts forget the simple thing-when you take your kids to Disney parks you want to see familiar characters. Pocahontas NEVER has had the fan base. Know how many times I have been to Fantasmic and heard a little kid say “Who IS that?” during the John Smith scene?

  3. I will not miss the Pocahontas segment at all. It never lived up to the Peter Pan segment in Disneyland’s version and always left me feeling underwhelmed. This is a change I can easily get behind.

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