Police Handcuff and Escort Young Guest Out of Magic Kingdom

TikTok user Natalie Curling shared a video of several Sheriff’s Department officers escorting a young guest out of Magic Kingdom yesterday evening.

Curling wrote, “A magical day at Disney world arresting a child.” In the video, the young man is handcuffed, with his arms straight out behind him, and an officer is leading him down a path of the Magic Kingdom Hub. Cinderella Castle and the Adventure Friends Cavalcade are visible in the background.

A line of Disney security Cast Members encircle the officers as they search the young man.

Curling and her partner later shared a video clarifying they do not know why the person was being arrested nor whether or not they were actually a child. Another man, possibly his father, was also arrested. Both were searched, specifically in their shoes and socks, and the guest’s arms were pulled backward because he was resisting arrest. Security ordered other Cast Members to form a barrier between the arrested guests and the rest of the parkgoers to keep them out of sight. The line at a nearby snack cart was also cleared to make space. In the comments, Curling stated that this happened at approximately 6:30 p.m. on Monday, May 9.

This is a developing story and we will share more information if it comes to light.

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    1. Ok so it’s great to report things but UNTIL you KNOW the whole story keep your comments to YOURSELF!! This is how riots start!

    1. You have to screw up pretty bad for Disney Security to call in Orange County Sheriffs. Security deals with you first (Blues), then Security Management…..THEN the Sheriff (you have to be a world class d-bag for that to happen).

        1. Disney world is also in orange county. Florida also has a county called Orange where it mostly is located at.

    2. That’s because Tiktok is huge. It’s hard to find a kid or young adult that doesn’t know about it or have an account, and they know something like this will get a lot of views.

    3. This is why Ron Desantis is in favor of eliminating Disney’s “special” tax status. Disney abuses its State of Florida preferential treatment by beating and harrassing minority children. Today, Biden hypocritically blamed business for not paying their “fair share.” Desantis attempts to eliminate the preferential treatment and gets lambasted by the media.

      1. You show you understand nothing of what that special district is for.
        1) the story clearly states this was the sheriff’s department, not disney security.
        2) its been well documented that with how well they upkeep the roads/ fire/ security/ staff etc. They pay as much if not more than they would in taxes if the district is dissolved.
        3) DeSantis isn’t getting flack for trying to end preferential treatment; he’s getting flack because he’s only doing it as retaliation for disney using their freedom of speech to disagree with him.

      2. As I understand it, DeSantis’ move merely shifted the tax responsibility. The way it was arranged, it was the tourists who use the parks who were footing the bill… Now, that burden has been transferred to his own citizens. That’s a way to win some votes, eh?

    4. Glad to see that Disney and police working together to stop these two from stealing.Thats low of them. People shouldn’t have to worry about their property inside a park. When trying to have good time with family. It’s why when I go I have a fanny pack on at all times.

    5. I agree. They cause more harm than good when posting without facts. Everyone wants their 10 minutes of fame I suppose and TicToc offers the podium.

    6. +1 on that, these TikTok butt wipes do all sorts of stupidity while their pootprint accomplices magically record it…

      1. The man looks like a mature Latino with a full mustache not a child just a normal small frame indigenous male. Never believe what someone else is so quick to write about the Disney security or police.

        1. Never believe What someone else is so quick to write, just like we should not believe your own comment.

      1. A child is someone under the age of 10. This person appears to 15 to 16 an maybe older. (A juvenile ) and believe me they can cause great bodily harm to any adult. I have no problem with the police action.

  1. There seems to be an inference that Disney was out of line here. But that’s ridiculous.
    I’d bet my life that person (whether kid or adult) deserved that treatment. They probably deserved a lot worse.
    Glad to see security taking care of business. That’s been lacking on occasion recently.

      1. TF. Where in that statement is racism involved. Race was not mentioned in his opinion/statement. The fact that you’re bringing up race in a statement where race was not brought up makes you the racist.

  2. How about peoplw don’t jump to conclusions just because they’re influences or some nonsense just for the clicks and ruin people. Posting the initial video with accusations and assumptions is all that’s needed.nobody cares enough to follow up with your second video saying you really didn’t know what was going on and posted a video with hash tags you knew would garner attention by the bigger news outlets. Everyone knows you’re just doing it for the clicks.

    It takes an awful lot to get arrested at disney. So much so that it’s probably a safe bet to say the cops had a completely valid reason for cuffing this so called “kid” and his old man.

    1. We will follow up when the police report comes out, we always do. It’s so easy to say anything is for clicks and try to diminish our work, let us do our job please.

      1. I mean…it IS for clicks though. That’s why you have a page and post articles. It’s why the news reports the news. So be honest about your motivation for ANYTHING you do here.

        But I think the poster was referring to the TikTok creators comments about how sarcasticallu magical it is and that a kid was being arrested. The tone of their comment on their video implied wrong doing.

        1. I mean, why do you go to work? That’s a silly, reductionist point. Things that serve a purpose can make money, that doesn’t mean the money is the thought every moment of the day. Very few of the decision WDWNT makes are money related, this is the company that has spared no expense to throw non-profit anniversary events when Disney won’t.

          1. That’s great Tom but try responding to the criticism directly next time so you don’t come across as disingenuous or tabloid sensationalism.

      2. I think he referred to the tiktok. I see no issues with your article. You managed it professionally. The tiktok seems did not do so completely

      3. Tom I apologize, my comment wasn’t directed at you. More so how the original tiktoker. They’re the ones that sensationalized an incident and cause the wave or media hype that follows. The original filmer could easily see this “kid” had a mustache but if they said “individual is cuffed by cops at MK” that wouldn’t get as many clicks. Appreciate your work good sir.

      4. Why post it before the police report if you don’t have all the facts? Isn’t that “doing your job”?

          1. Tom, Juan Gonzales apologized and you didn’t even acknowledge it. Even though you are the one who jumped to conclusions and should be the one who apologizes, but instead you keep arguing with readers of your site.

          2. Tom, are you aware that this organization that you work for is a constant topic of discussion in many large Disney social media groups as being an extremely unreliable source of information? There have been memes created to illustrate that. Perhaps it is because of the tendency to put out “news” prior to receiving all of the facts. This is not good journalism.

            1. Oh no, not social media groups! *sarcasm*
              These are the same people who read Disney Food Blog and others who write actual clickbait, which you all look beyond because they won’t tell you that they don’t care what you think or that you’re a bully, and they’ll never actually weigh in on any real issue whether it be regarding race, lifestyle, or even the quality of the product they “cover”. I know how often we are correct, if people want to make false narratives about “unreliable” news, I can’t stop them. People want to fit in and be cool, it’s cool to rag on us. Have fun with that.

              1. With regard to the concept of “putting out news before you know all the facts,” I point you to any respected journalism source. The New York Times, perhaps. It is the standard of journalistic practice to report the facts as they become available. A series of articles reporting information as it becomes clear and changes occur is how a reporter provides a detailed, important story to the readers. A reporter does not wait to post a story until every detail is available. A reporter gives you the story in real time.

    1. It was confirmed by the person that posted the video and also people that work there (posted in her comments) that the father and son were stealing from other people’s strollers and also stole a wallet that was not recovered. So yea they deserve to be arrested.

  3. This young adult would not be handcuffed with his arms stretched out behind him if he had not been resisting arrest; if he was doing nothing wrong why resist arrest?

  4. Whether at Disney or not people should be arrested if needed. I don’t believe there should be a story with the words child arrested and act like people shouldn’t be arrested at Disney. Nobody knows why they’re arrested. It could be for something serious, or prevent something from happening at Disney.

  5. My wife and I saw this happen as we were on our way from the hub into Tomorrowland. Disney security moved to block the walkway near the popcorn cart as OC Deputies handcuffed two people. The guy in the white shirt was not a child. He looked to be in his early 20s (possibly late teens) but definitely an adult. The other guy was calm and had his hands cuffed in front of him, but the guy pictured was being confrontational, so they cuffed his hands behind his back, and when the OC deputies walked them out, he was still resisting, so they had him in an arm bar to get him to move. Someone from Disney security was carrying a backpack which I assume they confiscated from the two men. It was very surreal to watch this happen while the cavalcade went by in the background

  6. Hoping this is just a big misunderstanding and there was no actual crime committed by this young person. Seems like it was handled with typical Disney World precision. It is reassuring to know that security is on the job. Castmembers did a great job too, they are obviously trained in what to do if tbis type of scenario occurs. All very reassuring I will be looking for updates to this story.

  7. Here’s a suggestion Natalie, why don’t you mind your own business and enjoy the park, which by the way, you paid a fair amount of money to patronize, and let the law enforcement professionals do their job.

    1. The reason for this post and the picture associated with it is because it gets the racism activists riled up and gets hundreds and hundreds of clicks and comments. I didn’t even read the article, but went right to the comments. I’m surprised their weren’t more racist cop comments. They pist these articles to get people stirred up. Nothing more.

  8. It can’t be that hard to simply obey the law when having fun…can it??? You’re at Disney World for crying out loud. Not sure about the implied rhetoric here from the person filming. This guy is easily early 20’s. Why be critical of police when you don’t know the story (none of us do!)????? I am going with law enforcement and Disney security on this one and hedge my bet on being correct. We shall see I suppose…

  9. Sounded like a “jab” at Disney! The mustached “child” seems to be old enough to be arrested without someone making it sound like child cruelty and since Disney does Not like to make a scene, it must have been serious. People are always complaining about Disney and trying to cause a scandle!

  10. Of course it’s worthy of a post they should post it everywhere just in case some other scumbags are thinking of doing the same thing stealing from tourists pathetic

  11. This wasn’t a child. A teenager that was possibly involved in disorderly, disrespectful or just wilding out. You can get thrown out of Disney for less than that. Police were called because it was beyond Disney’s ability to evict the subject. Staff may have been threatened with physical harm. Either way if it’s in the public eye it’s recordable and posted for all to see. Yippee. Resisting law enforcement does not help and he deserves the unflattering consequences.

  12. TikTok creator stating it’s a child without knowing and without knowing all Circumstances. Why try to cause that drama when no need?!?!

  13. “You have the right to be overcharged. Anything you thought was free will be converted to an appropriate fee based structure. You have a right to wait. If you don’t have the time to wait, an appropriate lightning lane will be appointed to you (for an additional fee). If you can not afford the fee, we don’t care.”

  14. My daughter is 20 and gets mistaken for a 14-16 year old regularly. While I’m sick of people’s behavior at the parks, using inflammatory wording stating he was young when the information is unknown, IS clickbait. But let’s be real, it’s not like this is CNN

  15. My sister, myself and our husbands went to DW not long ago and had a blast! We are all in our 60’s and 70’s. All I can say about all this is simply follow the rules that are in place for everyone’s safety and enjoyment of the park, don’t do anything that is unlawful, be respectful of others because trust me, you are not more important than the next person standing in line. Disney is a happy magical place unless you are simply looking for something to be mad over. Anyone can find ugly and arguments if you are looking. We are all humans, so act like it. And just FYI, my sister and I are returning in a few months for more magic and fun!

  16. Posting videos when you don’t know all the facts is irresponsible. He wasn’t handcuffed and being led out of the park for nothing.

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