UPDATE: Guest Arrested at Magic Kingdom Reportedly Caught Stealing from Guest Strollers

Yesterday, we reported that two guests (including one that eyewitnesses claimed to be a young adult or minor) were arrested at the Magic Kingdom Monday evening. Now, reports from guests and Cast Members indicate that the two men were confronted by Disney security and local Sheriff’s department officers after stealing from guests’ strollers at the park.

Several guests reported thefts including a wallet. It’s unclear how security and the officers identified the two suspects but the reports indicate that the arrests were related.

In the video posted to TikTok by Natalie Curling, a young man is handcuffed, with his arms straight out behind him, and an officer is leading him down a path of the Magic Kingdom Hub. Another man, possibly his father, was also arrested.

This incident comes after a sting operation at Walt Disney World exposed several housekeepers stealing from guests’ rooms.

Disney warns guests that the company is not responsible for lost or stolen items. What steps do you take to secure your personal belongings at Walt Disney World theme parks? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Why would you leave your wallet in a stroller?

    One time I left a pack of diapers (that I had purchased from the parks baby center) and kept wondering if they would be stolen. I had to tell myself that anyone willing to steal diapers from a stroller probably needed them more than us.

    Also, this proves that higher prices doesn’t keep out the riff raff. If anything, it encourages it, as they had to offset the cost of admission.

    1. It’s sad that this type of crime has hit Disney . I was there a few weeks ago and the feeling was less than magical with all the crowds and agitated people . The crime from the world that we now live in has seeped into our happy place… it’s very sad

    2. A child? He has a mustache. Stealing from parked strollers? Disney is going to have to beef up security and start monitoring strollers, unless they want to lose the business of families with babies and toddlers. It’s not like they don’t charge enough, but every price increase, every $10 hot dog, every over-priced merchandise will need to stop going to increased profits, and start ensuring the safety of the families that they are taking advantage of.

  2. I guess he just got what he deserved – When I first read the first article it sounded like WDW police putted handcuff to a child…..WHen I saw the mustaches I figured he was definitely not one….Now we now he was having criminal activities in the parks….

  3. This is one of those areas where Magic Bands really do come in handy. We link our Magic Bands to our resort and have all charges link to our credit card. Then, when we are in the park, we lock our wallets/purses in the safe (maybe take ID in, but that’s it). Anything of value we do take into the park is kept in a pocket with a zipper or a fanny pack.

  4. We had umbrellas and ponchos stolen from a stroller, you must be desperate to take that and stupid for no taking rain gear to Florida in the summer. People feel entitled to anything and everything regardless where it comes from.. sad state of humankind

  5. People the days of leaving your stuff and trusting they are safe are over. Get a clue and make a plan. If you leave stuff be prepared to lose it
    As for the TikTok person – get the details before you post

  6. I was there yesterday in MK and Epcot and we had a Disney shopping bag stolen from our stroller that had toys and magnets inside. It was only $50 worth of merchandise, but still annoying that it was stolen. Filled out the Disney Lost+Found report but doubt they will find it.

  7. We’re passholders, so we’re at the Orlando parks often – and I am always astounded at the items I see sitting left unattended in strollers. Especially large, open purses and bags of expensive merchandise. Yes, wear a “nerdy” fanny pack and save your shopping for the end.

  8. I don’t bring valuables other than phone,money,and 1 credit card on a vacation. I use a belt bag aka fanny pack for those items when at parks. Items purchased can be sent to hotel room or front to pick up as you leave. Always assume someone might take your stuff and plan accordingly.

  9. I have a dedicated bag that slings across my body just for the parks, not just Disney but all of them. It fits on most rides and gives me peace of mind.

  10. Comments seem way overblown. Just came back from a 10 day trip, would leave the backpack, popcorn bucket and drinks in the stroller constantly and saw much of the same. This is a rare incident in Disney, but there is also something to be said about not leaving a wallet or anything highly valuable like that sitting around.

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