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Man Gets Cut Off at ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Bar in Disney’s Grand Floridian, Screams “You Aren’t My Mom” & Vows to Return with “Videos of Expensive Cars”

Outrageous situations are quickly becoming a “tale as old as time” at Walt Disney World, with the latest reported situation happened at Enchanted Rose in Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort.

The intimate Beauty and the Beast fairytale-themed lounge was the setting for the latest incident of a guest behaving badly and abusing a cast member.

On May 5, around 10:30 p.m., a 25-year-old man and his friend ordered drinks and “were friendly at this point,” the sheriff’s report said. One cast member noticed them acting a little too friendly and putting their arms around another server. The situation escalated quickly.

The two men tried to order more drinks at the bar, but the bartender realized they were too drunk, the report said. The bartender warned the server the two men were cut off from any more alcohol.

The two men got angry and started yelling at the server when they learned their night of drinking at the bar was over. The 25-year-old stood up from the table and said repeatedly, “You aren’t my mom! You can’t tell me what to do!”

The 25-year-old  “got very close to (the server’s) face,” the report said. When the server stepped back, the 25-year-old moved closer to her and grabbed her arm aggressively, the report said.

He kept touching the server after she asked him to stop. Another cast member saw what was happening and tried to intervene to help the server.

The 25-year-old balled his hands into fists and put them behind his back. He insisted he would never touch a woman, the report said.

“(The 25-year-old) then got close to (the server’s) face again and said he was going to return the next night and show videos of the expensive cars he had,” the sheriff’s report said. The 25-year-old “continued to yell that he was going to come back the next night, while his friend was escorting him out of the lounge.”

Several Disney cast members witnessed the scene. One said the 25-year-old stood up, flung his chair and turned red as he got in the server’s face. The 25-year-old put his hands on the server’s arm and shoulder, the cast member reported.

Disney Security was called in but the restaurant didn’t know the 25-year-old’s identity.

A week later, the 25-year-old returned to the Enchanted Rose and sat in the server’s area again. The server recognized him, and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office was notified.

The server “appeared calm but upset” when she reported to authorities how the tourist treated her. She said she was willing to testify in court against the 25-year-old and she did not want her identity made public so her name is redacted in the sheriff’s report.

A sheriff’s deputy later went up and found the 25-year-old in his hotel room with his family, which included his daughter. The 25-year-old refused to talk about what happened May 5.

The sheriff’s office submitted battery charges to the state attorney’s office but so far, the 25-year-old has not been charged with a crime, according to online Orange Circuit Court records, so we are not naming him.

The wild tale is the latest in what appears to be a post-COVID uptick in unusual guest stories at Walt Disney World, from inexplicable fraudulent charges on an Apple Watch, to a skirmish that led to a guest having “bleeding on her brain”.

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  1. There really needs to be a zero tolerance policy on this kind of behavior. He should have been escorted off the property and banned. This is a guy who is used to getting his way, and getting away with acting like a spoiled child.

  2. Well now this is getting crazy. It’s like everyone said “You wanna get nuts, let’s get nuts!” And then they all did.

  3. Another Disney site blog is reporting that wait times exceeded four hours long for a certain ride yesterday. Now with the previous free fast past system being monetized and the app that is complicated for many and frequently crashes people are going to be upset. These incidents will probably keep occurring. The general cast members are great at what they do and it’s unfortunate that the bad decisions of upper management are ruining the a lot of the magic of the parks.

  4. Walt knew this and things like it was going to happen and that is why in the mid 50’s that he did not want alcohol in his park (Disneyland) and this would have carried over to WDW. Alcohol was one of the first things that went against Walt’s WISHES & whoever did it does not care it is just profit to them. I know most all the drinkers do not like what I said but it is true!!!!

    1. Eh. At near $20 per drink at Oga’s yesterday I highly doubt people are really going there to get drunk. I think there’s some big flaws in your thinking. Now a resort is a different situation. It’s a glorified hotel. You’re trying to compare apples to oranges.

    2. Well folks why don’t you type in your computer this and see what Walt said!

      Walt Disney Talks Early Disneyland By Jim Korkis

      This is his words back in 1956!

      1. Just Googled that article. Here is what it says in Walt’s own words regarding the sale of alcohol at his parks: “No liquor, no beer, nothing. Because that brings in a rowdy element. That brings people that we don’t want and I feel they don’t need it.”

      2. I think you’re right, to a degree, but in all honesty, rude people are going to be rude. Alcohol just heightens their rudeness.

        Anyway… Universal allows drinking in both parks. I’d be curious to see the comparison between Disney & Universal, and the amount of incidents they have, caused by alcohol consumption.

      3. Another reason is Walt’s Disney Co is slowly being changed to Woke Disney Co. and the current top leadership is helping! The pricing of everything has gone up way to fast & high that is another reason why it needs to go back to Walt’s Disney Co. & very soon!!!

  5. Disney has created an environment where guests are forced to compete with each other for everything that results in a good guest experience. Disney is the most Magical Hunger Games on earth. A day in a Disney park means frustration and disappointment for a lot of people.

    That is the reason for the increase in violence and bad behavior.

  6. and ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the possible next mass killer. sounds like another rich entitled brat to me.

  7. It is very hard to believe that these wonderful people working at Disney have to deal with this kind of ludacrous behavior and probably make only about $15 an hour for this kind of work. Servers at restaurants typically make about $2 an hour plus tips. Ive been walking at Disney World during a festival and have been shoved by a drunk person at Epcot who I gather was drunk or had something wrong with him. I didn’t say anything to Disney. And some people wear drinking shirts in Epcot during festivals. I’m not in favor with such behavior at Disney with families congregating around. But we will keep coming back.

  8. One more thing then I am done with this subject. Sir & Ma-am in the case of a woman would you want one of your little ones being your kids or grandkids or someone’s else seeing you or someone else being drunk as a skunk or fighting? If you don’t then maybe you need counseling or go to your AA meeting. There was that one article sometime back when those two women were fighting at Disney Springs and lost some of their clothes. Whether it is being drunk or fighting those folks need to be arrested & banned from all Disney locations for all time!

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