Disney Publicly Defends Grand Floridian Resort Overhaul, Alludes to Controversial Lobby Remodel Coming Soon

In the Disney Parks Blog post about the reopening of Victoria & Albert’s at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, Disney alluded to the upcoming and controversial remodel of the hotel’s iconic lobby.

The Grand Floridian Resort has been undergoing quiet refurbishments after CEO Bob Chapek reportedly expressed his displeasure with the property, claiming it was not up to standard.

They defended the ongoing work by writing, “The reopening of this fine dining staple comes as part of the multi-year transformation of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, honoring its rich history at Walt Disney World Resort while enhancing its iconic Victorian charm and elegance.” They did not show photos of the new look for Victoria & Albert’s.

According to Disney, “The transformation will continue with updated offerings across the resort over the coming years.” While not offering specifics, this does seem to be a rebuttal to the ill-received rumors.

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The ongoing refurbishment began with the Enchanted Rose Lounge, which replaced Mizner’s Lounge, as well as the bandstand for the later budget-cut Grand Floridian Society Orchestra.

Cítricos followed with a “modernized” look and Mary Poppins theming. Above, you can see the previous design on the left and the new look on the right.

Rooms are currently being redesigned for Disney Vacation Club, and the resort’s standard rooms will get the same design.

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  1. I have a suggestion. Let Chapek move on and out. His directions have been disasterous, stock has plummeted, families and life-long Disney lovers have made it clear he has no idea of or approval of Walt’s loving happy creative path, cast members are disheartened and unappreciated and quality has dropped while prices have risen to a level that makes family vacations unattainable. Perhaps Mr Chapek can find a position in the new woke corporate world that dictates disdain for and destruction of solid beautiful traditional and American family values. And take the execs oh his team that were showcased in recent videos pushing personal divisive beliefs with him. Cheaper to replace these than spend wasted fortunes on destroying a beloved multi-generational gem.

  2. It seems my theory of the hybrid style between the Victorian style and the Enchanted Rose style is correct.

  3. This hotel was at its apex with the 2007 room refurbishment in 2008/2009 lobby remodel. It has been a long slow downhill trend both in terms of quality of outfittings, value for price paid, immersion, theming, and service-level ever since. My family and I used to spend approximately a week at this hotel every year. It was always expensive, but now with all the delusions over the years in the experience, it now holds no value to me. This is just the latest example of its continued degradation.

  4. The mistake here is doing anythin Bob Chapek suggests. He needs to go and is killing Disney. Build a new modern hotel sure, changing the grand lobby of Grand Floridia, just stupid. Figures it was his idea to ruin it, ruin the icon. If i want super expensive modern, there is a Four Seasons on property. Chapek should be cleaning the parks not ruining the company! Fire him now!

  5. I understand that the Grand Floridian has been compared to a Four Seasons resort in its present elegant style and ambience and that this was no longer appropriate for Disney. By all means refurbish, but why should a Victorian themed icon be ‘modernized’? Surely this defeats the entire reason for the original design? Furthermore I wonder whether Chapek has ever stayed at a Four Seasons property – he would find that the quality, hospitality, style and elegance far exceeds the current offering at the majority of Disney resorts which have been progressively cheapened by the imposition of IP, use of standard hospitality products to reduce costs in place of uniquely designed furniture and fittings and a reduction in services.

  6. Mizner’s Lounge was always one of our favorite places at Disney World. It had a very cozy laid back atmosphere that made it very inviting. The Enchanted Rose Lounge is a sorry replacement. The atmosphere is “snooty”, and the rooms feel cold to us. When we asked for our usual mud slide martinis, the waiter sniffed “Those were Mizner cocktails, we don’t make them.” We won’t be returning any time soon. If the Grand Floridian lobby refurb is similarly upscale modern and cold, we won’t have any reason to visit that resort in the future.

  7. The images for the remodeled look resenble the interiors for a Hilton or Sheraton hotel. The theming has almost disappeared.

  8. Chapek has a brown thumb, everything he touches turns to poop. The Contemporary Hotel is ruined and Grand Floridian to follow.

    1. Maybe he wants to change other properties to the design of a motel 6 ! The remodel of the Grand Floridian is now all plastic l not sure my family wants to stay there again. What has happened to tradition? Please get RID of him. He and his staff have single handily ruined Disney. Let’s have a shareholder revolt and get rid of him.

  9. hey shareholders, we are expressing displeasure with bob chapek. talk about being not up to disney standards! next shareholdersmeeting and vote, keep that in mind!

  10. What Chapek really means is that the resort needs more IP. Kill any original theming and environments which take you to a unique place and time, and infuse Disney IP and characters set up against a sterile and modern backdrop. How magical.

  11. I do not know who is in charge of Disney now, but whoever they are, they should all be fired. We loved Disney for many many years. The last few years, it has taken a big drop. Its too much work to go anymore and when you put the hours in, you end up with no housekeeping, rude workers (which I understand they are overworked and underpaid) you have to use that ridiculous Gini at seven Am. Who wants to get up at seven AM on vacation? Who was the one that came up what brilliant idea? the hotels are going downhill and prices for them are going up and up and up. Where are some new people who can get Disney back to the family loving place it was meant to be? Not a money guzzling place that it is now.

  12. We used to go to WDW quite often when I lived in Michigan. Now that we live in Florida we have no desire to visit the parks. I hate the feeling that I am being ripped off and taken advantage of. Lots of other places to go in Florida. The magic is gone.

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