Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa lobby

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort Lobby to Receive Major Remodel to ‘Modernize’ Hotel

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa has been quietly undergoing phases of refurbishment to move away from the old Victorian style and toward a new, modern version (including the increased presence of IP). Other aspects of the resort, including the iconic lobby, are also on the slate for updates.

Reportedly, when Bob Chapek (Disney’s current CEO) took over the Parks & Resorts division in 2015, he felt that the Grand Floridian was not up to standards. The comparisons to a Four Seasons didn’t befit the current state of Walt Disney World, and so it was no longer suitable as the flagship resort. But rather than shift focus to another resort hotel, the company has decided to make changes.

enchantedRoseBar 2

It began with the Enchanted Rose Lounge (pictured above), which replaced Mizner’s Lounge (pictured below). It was given a “Beauty and the Beast” theme.


Cítricos followed with a new Mary Poppins-inspired design, as pictured above. It features rich colors, stronger contrasts, and simpler patterns than its previous look, as seen below.

citricos gallery08

The new modern aesthetic will be seen next in the upcoming Disney Vacation Club rooms. As you can see below, these rooms also have Mary Poppins-inspired elements.

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vacationeer TopBarAD2020 v2
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Eventually, all the standard rooms will be refurbished to match the new design.

When the Grand Floridian Spa reopened in January, it was revealed that it, too, had been remodeled.

Grand Floridian Lobby Featured Image 6 28 20

The lobby will be one of the last stanchions of the old Grand Floridian style, but it too will likely undergo refurbishment. It is not expected that a performance space for live music will return.

What do you think of the new look for Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa? Let us know in the comments.

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    1. The Grand Floridian is one of my favorite resorts based on its theme alone. Cheapskate is transforming Disney parks into Six Flags.

  1. Terrible, just terrible. They are systematically destroying all that’s beautiful and thematic at WDW. Watch out WL and AKL!

  2. Thank God my husband and I visited Disney World the last time in 2006. We used to go every other year for a week on Park Hopper Passes. Disney now is horrible. They only care about money. Lousy Food, ruining the hotels, no Disney Magic. WALT would be turning in his grave. At least I have memories.

  3. This is AWFUL news! Disney is destroying what Disney was. Just look at ate proposed Poly expansion. They are “modernizing” everything, and modern has NO style! The Grand is supposed to be set in the Victorian era, NOT modern with Victorian trim.
    They are doing to all of Disney what they did to the Disney stores. I am a DVC member & I am infuriated! Bob Paycheck needs to be FIRED.

  4. Horrible idea in my opinion. It’s impressive and beautiful as is. I am glad I have memories of the way the old Poly lobby looked, attended the Luau, an will now have to add the Grand Floridian lobby. I am not understanding the thinking behind Disney changes.

  5. Why is this Victorian era hotel getting ‘modernized’ ?

    Is this Chapek? Is it some corporate suck up to Chapek?

    They have soooooo much money now they will probably give it a mid century update 😖😣☹️Then wonder why people get upset.

    Tip#1 don’t remove all disneyana. It makes OG fans upset

  6. Our all time favourite hotel was looking forward to staying again but will wait and see!! The Victorian charm was its pull for us. They did good with the Enchanted Rose so let’s see. Ruin the lobby and I’m sure many won’t be back

  7. The Grand Floridian was at its peak with the 2007 room refurbishment, 2008-2009 lobby refurbishment. The 2014 room remodel was a downgrade, except for the suites. This will be a further devolution of theme of a once splendid escape that had superb service and amenities, but no more for the sake of Disney’s ever budget cutting at the expense of guest experience, while raising prices well beyond the rate of inflation.

    1. Bad idea. The old Victorian look was the charm of the Grand Floridian. I have reservations to stay at the Grand Floridian in October 2022. Maybe, I need to rethink my plans. And, this suggests that Chapek doesn’t understand the definition of “Magic”.

  8. The whole of staying on property was the theming to each resort. To make you feel like you were transported or living in the time and place. If that’s the case of “modernizing” then stay at a branded hotel. Enough Bob!! You are turning away your core visitors!!! We don’t want Vega!

  9. That is a real shame. Cookie cutter “modern” rooms in every resort that look like any other hotel in any other city. Now they want to destroy any remaining class the GF has. The GF Orchestra and the pianist both provided a touch of style and elegance that is sorely lacking at WDW.

  10. As a patron of GF the majesty of this wonderful piece of history should not be altered.Like the Smithsonian museum which holds the treasures of generations now and to come,it should remain the way it is for ever and not corrupt it with todays standards.Will the White House be changed to satisfy this woke generation no and so should The Grand Floridian.If anything it should be made more affordable to stay there during these times of high inflation high airfare so I can my two little grand children for lasting joy I experienced there with my children.thank you for letting me express myself,gold bless Disney and by the way my family have visited the magic eleven times my wife and I go back to time of e tickets.

  11. Modernize a Victorian style hotel – interesting.

    So the new flagship resort will be The Grand Contemporary?

  12. I think the CEO is going too far. The ambiance of the Grand Floridian is what makes it a flagship. If they keep changing everything to be updated, modern and new,the traveling back in time to a more elegant era will be lost. Stop the changes and embrace the beauty that already exists! Sad day for Disney if the changes continue.

  13. Can someone please explain to Bob what a “theme” is? I just don’t understand how someone can become the CEO of a company whose legacy he clearly hates or maybe just doesn’t understand.

  14. Please dont touch that lobby.its perfect as it stands.yes the rooms were trash compared to riveria the regular rooms at least.. the rooms in the main building suites was great.

  15. Not at all happy! Everyone LOVES the Grand Floridian! The lobby is the most spectacular lobby on all of Disney property. It is its own thing. Why change perfection? Its a look, a feel, an old elegance and beauty. Like nothing else on Disney property. Anyone wanting modern has that option at the Contemporary. They keep chipping away at the magic, bit by bit by bit. It was awful and sad when they removed the orchestra, that was such a special touch that set the GF apart and made it magical. This new news literally makes me feel sick to my stomach. I’m so glad we bought our DVC at the Poly instead. It would have been too sad to have our home resort “destroyed”. The lobby IS the GF! Very sad news.

  16. Well, there goes another resort. The recent “updates/refurbishments” have done away with the theming. Pictures of the rooms show that they look like most other ‘upscale’ chain hotels. I cannot see a difference between the rooms at the Disney resorts and those of Marriott, Westin, Hilton etc. They are all bland, gray and white without any distinctive Disney touches.

  17. This has all been long overdue. I have been staying at the Contemporary and Grand Floridian since I was a small child and love the experience. However, when compared to the Four Seasons on the edge of the property there is no comparison in design quality. I love the Grand Floridian grounds and hotel in general but the interior design and quality of materials have always felt like an area where Disney knowingly invested less because they felt that they could get away with it. The costs are similar to the Four Seasons but other than location the product is inferior. The service at either is wonderful though different. Disney service is warm and charming where as the Four Seasons is luxurious and packed with options.

  18. miss Mizners and the orchestra so much. GF lost it’s grandness. no confidence he won’t screw up lobby too

  19. I like the idea of hotel being remodelled but I do not like the idea of the losing the music in the sitting area. I love the live music.

  20. 👎 I like the old Victorian style, that’s what makes it unique. They are trying to make them all look like every other hotel.

  21. I use to enjoy the Disney Orchestra performance at The Grand Floridan.
    It was nice have a glass of wine and relaxing to such beautiful music.
    Once again, GREED destroyed something beautiful.

  22. Why would you take such a beautiful lobby at the Grand Floridian and change ? A live pianist brings such a lively classic feel to this resort. I’m here now and sat and listened to the pianist. What a wonderful way to unwind after a long day in the overcrowded parks. Bob Chapek you are ruining Walt’s dream!!!!

    1. Chapek should have asked those who pay his exorbitant salary (Disney customers) BEFORE he started making changes.

  23. The appeal of the Grand Floridian is the attention to Victorian detail. I personally don’t want to have cheap flooring under my feet when I get out of bed. Carpet is warm and a lot of rooms are quite cold in winter months and A:c in some rooms in other months. The Polynesian was ruined/robbed of its curb appeal in Ceremonial house with the former tropical island feel when you walked in and so did the rooms. The appeal of Staying on property was for the theme of each hotel! Grand Floridian for Victorian/ European feel and style. Don’t need another Marriott looking hotel!

  24. Another way that Disney is ruining the park/ resort experience. They have taken away all of the “touches” that made a vacation there magical. We were going in July and we only stay at the GF, we cancelled our vacation there. They are absolutely ruining it. I will not spend another dime there. My friend’s went and stayed Fall of 2021. They go every year and said it was the worst vacation ever!! They said the food and service was horrible. And they said that everything was so expensive. Unbelievable!!

  25. I’ll add another comment…
    Why do people flock to the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan? Because it lets them step back in time and enjoy the magic of Victorian age. If they wanted modern, they would go elsewhere. Disney is advertised as the place where everyone can find and enjoy the magic. Well, I want to enjoy the magic of the Victorian age at the Grand Floridian, as it was – not as a 21st century “modern” hotel. If I want that, I will go elsewhere.

  26. Why do people flock to the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan? They want to escape to the Victorian period of history, if only for a few days. They are looking for the charm and magic of that era. The Grand Floridian has tried to provide a similar experience within the WDW.

    Maybe Chapek should visit the Grand Hotel, to familiarize himself with the meaning of charm and magic.

    Maybe Chapek should have asked his customers (those paying his exorbitant salary) before he decided to trash the Grand Floridian.

    1. Agree! We love the Grand Hotel and it has been modernized tastefully. Same with the Greenbrier.

  27. We stay at the Grand floridian 2 times a year. If you do this modernizing of this once beautiful resort we will never return. Once 350.00 a night. It’s now 750.00 a night with less. Keep going Disney, you’ll be heading for bankruptcy very soon. Looks like we’ll be staying at Universal for out Florida trips.

  28. What on earth is Bob Chapek doing? “Modernize” the Grand Floridian? That man is transforming the WDW and Disneyland Resorts into Six Flags! Good grief!

  29. Such a shame. This has been a major draw for families. Can’t some executives talk some sense into Chapek, or vote him out! I wish I knew this before I bought into the villas. Looking to sell as a lot of people are contemplating as I see in a lot of blogs. Not a good move…….

  30. At least 10 visits to Disney-ALL at the Grand Floridian!! Chose this property because of its charm of an era long gone. If we didn’t want that , would have booked elsewhere. We travel a lot and have stayed at many exclusive/expensive areas.GF was always at the top of the list for charm and service.What a shame that things which attracted you to this property are changing—NOT a go to vacation anymore

  31. This is terrible news! The Grand Floridian lobby is one of the most beautiful on the country. It is stunning. I have loved it ever since I was a small child and now it is my preferred resort when we go 2-3x a year. It should NOT be changed. If Chapek wants to compete with Four Seasons why doesn’t he focus on the service and food and beverage end of things? Offer butler service, offer child welcome kits with robes and slippers etc. Yes I stay at Four Seasons also. Most of those properties have hideous lobbies and people are attracted to the five star service. Disney is making a major mistake! People who choose Floridian are selecting it for its beauty and theming.

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