Remodeling Project Completed in Haunted Mansion Store ‘Memento Mori’ at Magic Kingdom

Spirits are high at Memento Mori, as the shop has reopened from its refurbishment with a new layout at the Magic Kingdom.

The center of the shop seems empty, though it’s possible a display could be added. As it stands, this helps with crowd flow.

The registers were moved from this section near the door, creating more space for shoppers.

They now sit at the opposite end of the shop. The darkened room was previously used to display such specialty items as the Host-a-Ghost jars. Before that, the Spirit Photography was located there until it closed in 2019. With the refurbishment, it’s been opened up into a roomy alcove.

The table the register sits on resembles a gorgeous antique wooden desk, which enhances the stately look of the place.

Behind it sits a new display, featuring props and merchandise inspired by The Haunted Mansion.

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Several pieces feature the letter M, fittingly standing for Memento Mori.

The section has also been brightened significantly, thanks to these chandelier-like overhead light fixtures.

All in all, it’s easier for guests to drag their bodies around the shop, which should make for much happier haunts.

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  1. I HATE the new look. It took all the fun and spooky atmosphere away. The authentic memento mori (death photographs) that were there when the shop first opened were so stirring and the whole ambience of the store was gorgeous and unique. Now it just feels like another generic, sanitized shop built around whining people who can’t handle anything even vaguely edgy or different. It disappoints me so much to see things watered down in order to placate and spoon feed the dull masses when there are those of us who truly enjoy the deeper story telling, impressive details, and challenge to the expected.

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