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PHOTOS: Haunted Mansion Lenticular “Spirit Photography” To Be Replaced at Memento Mori in the Magic Kingdom

If you’ve ever visited Memento Mori, you may have heard the ringing of a bell. On our most recent visit, it was deathly quiet in the Haunted Mansion gift shop, and we discovered that the “Spirit Photography” is no longer being offered.

Haunted Mansion Spirit Photography at Magic Kingdom Closed 8 6 2019

Guests could purchase photos of themselves that would “change” into a ghostly looking face. These lenticular photographs were a nice souvenir to take home from your trip to the regions beyond. They’re definitely better souvenirs than the on-ride photo.

Haunted Mansion Spirit Photography Closed 8 2019

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Hopefully you took the opportunity a few months ago on April 13th to visit Memento Mori for the one-day only discounted photo.

Haunted Mansion Spirit Photography Lenticular souvenirs

We were told the “Spirit Photography” would not be returning, but something new is coming. You can expect this to start on August 9th, and will most likely be the Host-A-Ghost Jars. Be sure to hurry back to Memento Mori for this new opportunity coming August 9th.

  1. So sorry to hear that they no longer offer the lenticular photos. We have 3 family members and were hoping they would also bring one to Disneyland.

    1. Don’t know why Disney would remove such a seemingly popular item like this. Was hoping to add these to out Disney collection in Nov. Luckily we at least got one of our daughter several years back.

  2. That’s actually the most depressing piece of news I’ve seen recently… I was sooooooo looking forward to getting one for myself during my first ever trip to WDW this November :(

  3. What an absolute shame! We got these a few years ago and they are fantastic!! Not to mention the price on these was really great.

    1. I thought the price was really reasonable, especially considering Disney prices.

  4. Oh my gosh I’m so sad to see the lenticular photos go! Luckily we have ours, but I was just thinking the other day I’d like to get 2 more. Super bummed.

  5. I hope Walt Disney World reconsiders and brings back the lenticular photographs …. they were a neat Haunted Mansion item (vs the typical cheap merchandise).

  6. Really disappointed in this news. 😢
    My mom got one on a trip and I was looking forward to getting my own when I come in December. This was the top item on my list so it’s extremely disappointing.

  7. So sad. My daughters were all excited to do this and we walked in and it was gone. Really sad. Anyone know where to get something like this elsewhere? Disney keeps giving more reason to not come back.

  8. My friend got them for her whole family a year or two ago and I am going in a month and was planning to get one for myself. I was a mansion maid for Halloween a few years ago, I was already planning to wear my handmade hair clip with the maid tee from the parks. Sigh.

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