PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 8/7/19 (New Nightmare Before Christmas MagicBand and Minnie Ears, Monster Brownie Sundae, Construction Updates, and More!)

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It’s the perfect day to be at the Magic Kingdom! The sun is out, and we’re ready for the day! Let’s make our way to Fantasyland and see what we can find.

We’re eagerly awaiting Halloween merchandise here at the Magic Kingdom! No sign of Candy Corn Minnie ears in Fantasy Faire, but we did find the new style of Sally ears. There are two forms of Nightmare Before Christmas Sally ears available here for $27.99 each. The new one has a sparkly bow! They’re even displayed next to each other. Which version do you prefer?

Nightmare Before Christmas Scary Clown Plush

Nightmare Before Christmas fans will recognize the scary clown in Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe for $21.99.

Frontier Trading Post also has a Nightmare Before Christmas MagicBand featuring Jack and Sally. You can pick up this open edition band for $24.99.

We were also disappointed to find the Haunted Mansion photo op is dead. It’s been removed for something new to take its place on August 9th.

Well, that didn’t take long. One more piece of the Haunted Mansion awning has been removed and will be replaced soon. We really like the stripes, though!

We stopped into the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor to grab a small snack, but that somehow turned into a giant snack. The Monster Brownie Sundae is delicious! Cookie dough ice cream is sandwiched between two brownies and served in a waffle bowl, covered in toppings. Be sure to read our full review of this monster of a snack (credit) from Main Street U.S.A.

The Castle pathway has had railings added to it, and the rocks in the wall have been patched up closest to the bridge.

A quick look at TRON. We could see what looked like curtains draped around a small section of the track being working on at the top.

An ominous gray cloud has moved into the Magic Kingdom, so that’s all for today! Thanks for following us and stay tuned for more updates from the parks!

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Michael Rigney
Michael Rigney

Love the new Jack and Sally bands wish they were out the other day when I was at the magic kingdom I would have bought on the spot